Dungeon Defenders Eternity

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Crafting ingredients

Successfully complete the indicated map in Campaign mode to obtain the listed crafting ingredients. The amount obtained depends on the difficulty.

    Insane: 9, 6, 3
    Hard: 6, 4, 2
    Normal: 4, 3, 1
    Easy: 3, 2, 1

Each map has three ingredients, with the most common listed first, and rarest last:

    The Deeper Well: Bat Wing, Crystal, Eternia Fragment
    Foundries And Forges: Gum Drop, Iron Ore, Dragon Scale
    Magus Quarters: Eyes of Newt, Gold Flake, Dragon Teeth
    Dread Dungeon: Frogs Foot, Leather Hide, Obsidian Gem
    Alchemical Laboratory: Eyes of Newt, Primtstone, Dragon Heart
    Servants Quarters: Wood Log, Stone, Diamond
    Castle Armory: Cloth Scrap, Leather Hide, Dragon Scale
    Hall Of Court: , Gum Drops, Primstone, Eternia Fragment
    Arcane Library: Wood Logs, Cloth Scraps, Crystals
    The Throne Room: Eyes of Newt, Gold Flakes, Diamond
    Royal Gardens: Frog's Feet, Primstone, Dragon Teeth
    The Ramparts: Wood Log, Iron Ore, Dragon Scale
    The Magus Citadel: Bat Wing, Stone, Dragon Heart
    Endless Spires: Cloth Scrap, Iron Ore, Dragon Teeth
    The Summit: Wood Log, Gold Flakes, Dragon Heart
    Mistymire Forest: Frog's Feat, Leather Hides, Eternia Fragment
    Moraggo Desert Town: Bat Wings, Stones, Obsidian Gem
    Aquanos: Gum Drops, Gold Flakes, Crystal
    Sky City: Cloth Scraps, Primstone, Dragon Heart
    Crystalline Dimension: Unknown
    Embermount Volcano: Gum Drop, Stone, Diamond

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    All Decked Out: Wear a complete armor set.
    All Grown Up Now: Raise a Splendid Pet to its maximum potential!
    All Too Easy: Rescue the Legedary Heroes from the Crystalline Diemsnion with a full party without running out of lives.
    Blacksmith: Craft an item of Splendid quality.
    Castle Guardian: Complete all Act 2 levels on any difficulty setting.
    Challenge Accepted: Complete all Challenges on Insane.
    Challenger Status: Complete every Challenge Mission.
    Completionist: Complete all Bonus Maps on Insane.
    Demon Destroyer: Complete all Act 1 levels on Insane.
    Elementary: Deal more than 100 million Elemental damage with your weapon in a single Mission.
    Equipment Master: Use 10 different consumables in a single Mission.
    Everything Counts!: Gathered all Eternia shards on Insane.
    Foot Through the Door: Reached Hero Level 10.
    He's Going the Distance: Complete a Challenge Mission with a full party.
    Honorary Hero: You have earned every Dungeon Defenders Eternity Accomplishment!
    I Knew You Always Had Potential: Reached Hero Level 60.
    Insane Survivor: Complete an Insane Survival Mission.
    It's All Downhill From Here: Reached Hero Level 30.
    Master Caster: Have four Amulets and one Pet equiped at once. Additionally, have more than 1000 Offensive and Defensive Ability Power.
    Must Capture Every One!: Get one of each type of Pet in your Item Box!
    No Disassemble!: Complete all Act 2 levels on Insane.
    Now That's Dedication: Leveled one of each Hero to Level 60.
    Our Parents are Insane: Rescued the Legendary Heroes from the Crystalline Dimension on Insane.
    Overkill: Achieve the most kills with your Hero in a full party.
    Penny Pincher: Earn more than 1 million Gold.
    Puttin' on the Ritz: Wear a complete set of Transmogrified gear.
    Redundancy Supremacy: Complete a mission with a full party with all players using the same Hero and without swapping Heroes.
    Role Reversal: Rescued the Legendary Heroes from the Crystalline Dimension on any difficulty setting.
    Rooftop Sweeper: Complete all Act 3 levels on any difficulty setting.
    Shot Through the Heart: Complete all Act 3 levels on Insane.
    Survivor: Complete a Survival Mission on any difficulty setting.
    The Journey of 1000 Steps...: Complete all Act 1 levels on any difficulty setting.
    Trigger Happy: Be the first player to activate an Eternia Crystal every wave while in full party mission.
    Upgrading is for Winners!: Upgrade 14 levels on a single item.
    Variety is the Spice of Life: Complete a mission with a full party with all players using different Heroes and without swapping Heroes.
    Wheeling and Dealing: Successfully trade with another player.
    World Traveler: Gathered all Eternia Shards on any difficulty setting.
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