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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    An Eagle In Every Liver: Master the Promethean Magic Skill Tree.
    Be All You Can Be: Get killed at the hands of a Diggle Commando.
    Bloody Mess: Kill a Monster Zoo. All of it.
    Brew Fame, Bottle Glory, Stopper Death: Master the Alchemy Skill Tree.
    Dead Dread: Kill Lord Dredmor on Dwarvish Moderation Mode.
    Dread and Buried: Kill Lord Dredmor, on Dwarven Moderation Mode, with Permadeath.
    Dread Less: Kill Lord Dredmor on Elvishly Easy Mode.
    Dread More: Kill Lord Dredmor on Going Rogue Mode.
    Dread or Alive: Kill Lord Dredmor, on Elvishly Easy Mode, with Permadeath.
    Fields Medalist: Master the Mathemagic Skill Tree.
    Gesundheit: Get killed at the hands of a Sickly Diggle.
    Gettin' Ley'd: Master the Ley Lines Skill Tree.
    Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?: Find a Monster Zoo.
    Hail Odin!: Master the Viking Wizardry Skill Tree.
    He Chose... Poorly: Trigger 50 traps.
    He Who Smelt It: Make an Ingot.
    Here's Johnny: Master the Axe Skill Tree.
    HMS Deagle: Kill a hundred Diggles.
    Honorary Bolt Council Member: Master the Bow Skill Tree.
    I Am Not Left Handed: Master the Dual Wielding Skill Tree.
    I Smoulder With Generic Rage: Get killed at the hands of an Enraged Diggle.
    I Tink, Therefore I Am: Master the Tinkering Skill Tree.
    It Has A Knob On The End: Master the Staff Skill Tree.
    It Tastes Like Pennies: Master the Blood Magic Skill Tree.
    It's Alive!: Master the Golemancy Skill Tree.
    It's Alive... And Gross!: Master the Fleshsmithing Skill Tree.
    It's Dangerous to Go Alone! Make This: Make a Weapon.
    It's MY Dungeon: Get killed at the hands of Lord Dredmor.
    Left For Dread: Kill Lord Dredmor. On Going Rogue. With Permadeath.
    Love Slave of Yoggoth: Master the Fungus Mastery Skill Tree.
    Master Ninja: Master the Thrown Weaponry Skill Tree.
    Master Using It And You Can Have This Achievement: Master the Sword Skill Tree.
    Mastery of Mastery of Arms Mastering: Master the Mastery of Arms Skill Tree.
    Meet Your True Master: Get killed at the hands of an Arch Diggle.
    Mister Smith: Master the Smithing Skill Tree.
    Morale Improvement Expert: Master the Mace Skill Tree.
    My Humps: Get killed at the "hands" of a Thrusty.
    Necronomiconeconomist: Master the Necronomiconomics Skill Tree.
    Orinthologist: Kill ten Diggles.
    Perilous Podiatry: Die by kicking a door down.
    Personal Protection: Make a piece of Armour.
    Sallah, I Said No Camels: Master the Archaeology Skill Tree.
    Slippery Like A Fox: Master the Dodge Skill Tree.
    Starstruck: Master the Astrology Skill Tree.
    Stay Out Of My Head: Master the Psionics Skill Tree.
    Steal This Achievement: Master the Burglary Skill Tree.
    Stick A Knife In It, It's Done: Master the Assassination Skill Tree.
    Team Edward: Master the Vampirism Skill Tree.
    That Which Is Seen Cannot Be Unseen: Master the Perception Skill Tree.
    The Humanoid Typhoon: Master the Deadshot Skill Tree.
    The Penitent Man Shall Pass: Disarm 50 traps.
    There's Really Nothing Funny About The Phrase "Wand Lube": Master the Wand Lore Skill Tree.
    Tom Marvolo Riddle Award for Scholastic Merit: Master the Magic Training Skill Tree.
    Turtle Power!: Master the Shield Skill Tree.
    Way of the Dodo: Kill a thousand Diggles.
    Way of the Foot: Master the Unarmed Skill Tree.
    Welcome to Dredmor: Get killed at the hands (flippers?) of a Diggle.
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