Earthworm Jim


Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes at the game screen to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Invincibilityyou are sod
Full energynoble
Extra lifegimmie jimmie
Maximum continuesonandonandon
1000 bulletspopquizhotshot
Maximum plasma gunjustwhatyouseepal
Maximum life and energythreemileisland
Homing missileapollo13
Stick figure modehatman
Access first five levelsslaugtherhouse
Access first 11 levelsromario
Access all levelsgetthecheesetosickbay
Appear as Groucho Marxpulsating
Appear with red afrofestering
Appear with black afrobloated
Appear with antennaepusfilled
Appear with big lipssweaty
Appear with huge glassesmalformed
Appear with arrow in headslugforabutt
Display framerateframerate
Display development teamiddqd
Displays testing teamidkfa

Level passwords

LEVEL Password
What the HeckKettle, Faucet, Cow, Faucet, Cow, Faucet
Down the TubesPaint, Faucet, TV, Faucet, Cone, TV
Pod racesCone, Kettle, Cone, Cow, Cow, Kettle
Snot a ProblemCow, Kettle, TV, Cow, Kettle, Paint
Level 5TV, TV, Cow, Can, Cow, Hammer
DarknessKettle, Paint, Can, Faucet, Paint, Faucet
Peter PuppyCow, TV, Kettle, Cow, Kettle, Paint
ButtvilleCan, TV, TV, Kettle, Cone, Cow
Andy AsteroidsCone, Faucet, Cow, Cow, Cow, TV

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