Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

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God mode and infinite ammo

Go to the game's folder (normally at "My Documents/My Games/Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon") and find the ".exe" file. Create a shortcut of the file, then [Right Click] the shortcut file and select "Properties". Find the target line and scroll to the end of it, past the end quote. Create one space after the quote, and type -GameProfile_GodMode 1 and -GameProfile_UnlimitedAmmo 1. Make sure there is a space between the two cheat commands. Next, launch the game. Then, go to "My Documents/My Games/Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon" and find the "GameProfile.XML" file. [Right Click] it and select "Properties". Make sure the box marked "Read Only" is checked, then click "Apply" and "Okay". Launch the game with the shortcut file you created to play the game with the God mode and infinite ammo cheats enabled. Note: The game may have trouble launching. For example, it may open Uplay but not launch the game from the shortcut. If this happens, [Right Click] the shortcut file and click "Run As Administrator". It should now launch correctly.

Middle finger

Hold [Melee] to give people the middle finger. Press [Melee] multiple times to use both hands.

Dr. Carlyle's Note locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 10 Dr. Carlyle's Notes:

    1. Coordinates: X: 507.0, Y: 499.5
    2. Coordinates: X: 436.3, Y: 484.8
    3. Coordinates: X: 495.2, Y: 447.9
    4. Coordinates: X: 532.8, Y: 392.0
    5. Coordinates: X: 558.2, Y: 404.7
    6. Coordinates: X: 457.8, Y: 404.3
    7. Coordinates: X: 449.5, Y: 334.3
    8. Coordinates: X: 544.7, Y: 473.9
    9. Coordinates: X: 586.6, Y: 418.0
    10. Coordinates: X: 522.1, Y: 438.0

TV Set locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 32 TV Sets:

    1. Coordinates: X: 524.4, Y: 391.5
    2. Coordinates: X: 537.1, Y: 403.9
    3. Coordinates: X: 566.7, Y: 397.0
    4. Coordinates: X: 590.7, Y: 381.2
    5. Coordinates: X: 531.9, Y: 341.1
    6. Coordinates: X: 457.5, Y: 493.1
    7. Coordinates: X: 446.1, Y: 469.9
    8. Coordinates: X: 465.8, Y: 447.7
    9. Coordinates: X: 488.7, Y: 466.9
    10. Coordinates: X: 500.9, Y: 495.0
    11. Coordinates: X: 506.8, Y: 460.9
    12. Coordinates: X: 474.4, Y: 417.9
    13. Coordinates: X: 494.0, Y: 477.6
    14. Coordinates: X: 498.4, Y: 435.9
    15. Coordinates: X: 436.8, Y: 482.8
    16. Coordinates: X: 437.6, Y: 510.6
    17. Coordinates: X: 487.3, Y: 401.8
    18. Coordinates: X: 446.9, Y: 363.2
    19. Coordinates: X: 451.8, Y: 358.9
    20. Coordinates: X: 491.7, Y: 359.3
    21. Coordinates: X: 476.5, Y: 359.3
    22. Coordinates: X: 465.1, Y: 384.8
    23. Coordinates: X: 424.4, Y: 394.4
    24. Coordinates: X: 496.6, Y: 337.9
    25. Coordinates: X: 552.3, Y: 467.3
    26. Coordinates: X: 536.7, Y: 428.4
    27. Coordinates: X: 563.9, Y: 418.8
    28. Coordinates: X: 587.5, Y: 416.6
    29. Coordinates: X: 603.6, Y: 448.2
    30. Coordinates: X: 580.2, Y: 492.4
    31. Coordinates: X: 548.9, Y: 505.0
    32. Coordinates: X: 535.2, Y: 453.7

VHS Tape locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 12 VHS Tapes:

    1. Coordinates: X: 510.1, Y: 432.4
    2. Coordinates: X: 452.6, Y: 466.0
    3. Coordinates: X: 434.5, Y: 505.1
    4. Coordinates: X: 478.6, Y: 524.3
    5. Coordinates: X: 581.1, Y: 402.3
    6. Coordinates: X: 520.5, Y: 362.8
    7. Coordinates: X: 555.0, Y: 509.7
    8. Coordinates: X: 609.1, Y: 437.9
    9. Coordinates: X: 527.3, Y: 437.6
    10. Coordinates: X: 510.1, Y: 361.8
    11. Coordinates: X: 419.9, Y: 407.8
    12. Coordinates: X: 465.8, Y: 334.9

Alien reference

Play the "Desperately Saving Susan" Nerd Rescue, and go to coordinates X: 479.1, Y: 488.3 to find a Xenomorph egg from Alien behind the nerd you are saving. Note: Michael Biehn, who voices the main character, was also a cast member in Aliens.

Dungeons & Dragons reference

When you need to distract an enemy, you can throw a twenty sided dice at them.

Far Cry 3 reference

Swim underwater at coordinates X: 531.2, Y: 321.5 to find a scientist next to a toilet, similar to the seasick soldier found in Far Cry 3.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference

During one of the Predator missions, Rex must kill four turtles in the sewers. You can find a pizza box in the sewers, and each of the turtles are wearing colored ninja masks.

Easy "Derp" achievement

A great place to get the "Derp" achievement is the dam at the western end of the map. You will go there during one of the main story missions. The coordinates are X: 434.7, Y: 431.2. Once you are standing on top of the dam, jump all the way down (the fall will not kill you) to get the "Derp" achievement.

Easy "Just The Tip" achievement

You will automatically get the bow at the beginning of the game. You can equip it at any time by visiting a vending machine (store) in one of the liberated Garrisons. A dragon will almost always spawn near the Garrison at coordinates X: 437.1, Y: 505.6. The Garrison is on the very left, in the north-western part of the map. Once you reach the Garrison, disable the defense system, and throw a heart (can be obtained from dead bodies) to attract the Blood Dragon. There is a turret in the Garrison. Use it to weaken the dragon until the health bar is barely visible. Then, switch to the bow, and shoot the dragon until it dies (a few times) to get the "Just The Tip" achievement.

Find an enemy Garrison. Disable its barrier inside, and keep as many soldiers as possible alive. Then, throw a heart to attract a Blood Dragon into the base. Allow the remaining soldiers and Blood Dragon to fight each other. While they are fighting each other, grab ammunition, health, and other supplies from the Garrison's vending machine. After the Blood Dragon has killed all the enemy soldiers, its health should lowered a little bit. Use C400 and grenades to knock down the Blood Dragon's health some more. Use the structures in the Garrison to block its beam attack. If needed, get more health from the vending machine. When the Blood Dragon has just a sliver of health remaining, switch to the bow. Be patient and wait for the dragon to rear back, then shoot an arrow into its chest. Repeat the process until it is dead to get the "Just The Tip" achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Way to Go, Garri-Son: Finish all the Garrisons.
    Kill Them All: Finish all the Predator's Path Quests.
    Nice Like Jesus: Finish all the Hostages Situations.
    Murder Nature: Kill all the Animal Types.
    Set Them Free: Destroy 5 Braincages.
    Just the Tip: Kill a Dragon with the Bow.
    Blood Dragon Down: Kill Your First Dragon.
    Dragon Slayer: Kill 25 Dragons.
    What are You Reading For?: Find all of Dr. Carlyle's Notes.
    The Greatest Format of all Time: Find all VHS Tapes.
    Hail to the King: Reach Maximum Level and Become the Ultimate Badass.
    Running man: After saving Darling, enter Combat Mode with a Dragon and Return to Stealth.
    Tooled Up: Own all Weapons Attachments.
    Derp: Jump Down from 50 Meters.
    The Drug of the Nation: Find all TV SETS to Decrypt the Hidden Message.
    The Only True Stopper: Headshot Every Type of Enemy.
    Welcome to the party, pal: Finished Helicopter Entry.
    One Small Step: Finished First Garrison.
    End Game: Finished Final Showdown.
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