FIFA International Soccer '96

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Hidden teams

Select the "Quit To DOS" option on the game selection screen. Then during the credits, type "xplay" and press [Return]. The "Friendly Game" menu will appear with five extra teams (All Nighters, As Designed, Strontium 90, The Gimps, and the Rod Benders) called the EA Superstars. Some players on these teams have special abilities.

Enhanced play modes

Enter the "Friendly Team" selection menu. Assign Vancouver in the USA League to the team on the left. Assign Canada in the International League to the team on the right. Then, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Insert] to display the "Enhanced Play Modes" menu. Once activated, this menu may be displayed by pressing [F1]. This menu contains the following options:

  • Ball Size (Normal/Big/Bigger/Biggest)
  • Ball Personality (Normal/Curve Ball/Crazy Ball)
  • Invisible Walls (Disabled/Enabled)
  • Team A/B Size (Normal/Big Player/Big Team)
  • Jersey (Normal/Beefcake/Suspenders/Muscle Shirt/Invisible Man)
  • Goalie (Normal/Lame)
  • Players (Normal/Super Goalie/Super Defense/Super Offense/Super Team)
  • Shots (Normal/Super)
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