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Alternate cabinet styles

Note: This requires an Xbox 360 controller. While inside any of the rooms (either within a menu or during the game), press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A to toggle the Konami and Asteroids cabinet styles.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    My First Theme (5 points): Place a Theme in your arcade.
    Theme Filler (20 points): Place 5 unique Themes in your arcade.
    Fancy Arcade (20 points): Theme an entire arcade with unique Themes.
    My First Mascot (5 points): Activate a Mascot in your arcade.
    My First Decoration (5 points): Place a Decoration in your arcade.
    Proptastic (20 points): Place 5 arcade Decorations in your arcade.
    My First Game (5 points): Place a Game Cabinet in your arcade.
    The Visitor (5 points): Visit a Friend's arcade.
    Show Me! (5 points): Visit the Showcase Arcade.
    The Player (5 points): Play a Friend's Game Cabinet.
    Room Filler (20 points): Fill an entire room.
    My First Win (5 points): Win a Challenge.
    My First Challenge (5 points): Send a Challenge.
    Challenge Chief (5 points): Win 10 Challenges.
    Challenge Master (20 points): Win 20 Challenges.
    Too Cool for my Score (20 points): Beat your own High Score in a game.
    My Blisters have Blisters! (5 points): Play a game for 1 hour continuously.
    Arcade Junkie (20 points): Spend 4 hours total playing games in your arcade.
    Retro Addict (20 points): Spend 8 hours total playing games in your arcade.
    Go to Sleep (20 points): Spend 16 hours total playing games in your arcade.
    Machine not Man (20 points): Spend 24 hours total playing games in your arcade.
    Matchstick Eyes (20 points): Spend 36 hours total playing games in your arcade.
    My First Medal (5 points): Win your first Medal.
    Medal Variety (5 points): Win a Medal of each Type (Point Buster, Survivalist, Time Spender).
    Double Trouble (20 points): Win 2 Medals of each type (2x Point Buster, 2x Survivalist, 2x Time Spender).
    Medal Collector (20 points): Win 3 Medals.
    80s Skilled (20 points): Win 6 Medals.
    Game Beater (20 points): Win 9 Medals.
    Arcade Hustler (20 points): Win 12 Medals.
    Retro Expert (20 points): Win 15 Medals.
    The New Old Schooler (20 points): Win 18 Medals.
    Medal Enthusiast (20 points): Win 21 Medals.
    Arcade Shark (20 points): Win 24 Medals.
    Can't Touch This! (20 points): Win 27 Medals.
    Retro Master (20 points): Win 30 Medals.
    Check My Skillz (20 points): Win 33 Medals.
    Minted (20 points): Win 36 Medals.
    Medaltastic (20 points): Win 39 Medals.
    Fly Skillz (20 points): Win 42 Medals.
    Medal Masher (20 points): Win 45 Medals.
    I Like Shiny Things (35 points): Win 48 Medals.
    Level Up! (20 points): Reach Level 2.
    Level 5! (20 points): Reach Level 5.
    Level 8! (20 points): Reach Level 8.
    Level 11! (20 points): Reach Level 11.
    Level 14! (20 points): Reach Level 14.
    Level 17! (20 points): Reach Level 17.
    Level 20! (50 points): Reach Level 20.
    Medal Smasher (20 points): Win 10 Medals of each type.
    Medal Mad (50 points): Win 20 Medals of each type.
    Point Buster (20 points): Win 5 Point Buster Medals.
    Point Slammer (20 points): Win 10 Point Buster Medals.
    Survivalist (20 points): Win 5 Survivalist Medals.
    Survival of the Fittest (20 points): Win 10 Survivalist Medals.
    Time Spender (20 points): Win 5 Time Spender Medals.
    Time Crazy (20 points): Win 10 Time Spender Medals.
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