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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Airwolf: The sky is the limit!
    Ambitious Ghosthunter: Congratulations! You caught 20 Ghosts in total now.
    Archivist: Wow, didn't know they could do THAT!
    Beekeeper: Team Bumblebee says thank you!
    Brotherly Love: Together we are strong, by yourself you are weak.
    Dancer in the dark: Don't be afraid of the darkness!
    Do the Egon!: Better safe than sorry.
    Estate: You rented the third headquarter!
    Expand!: You rented the second headquarter!
    Explorer: Marco... Polo!
    Female quota: Men are pigs!
    Flower Child: Wanna try use a beam?
    Follower of Gandhi: Try shooting!
    Get rendered!: Encountered Renderman!
    Ghost Schooling: You completed the Tutorial! Well done!
    Ghostcollector: 1..2...3.. got them!
    Ghosthunting Expert: Congratulations! You caught 50 Ghosts in total now.
    Ghosthunting Pro: Congratulations! You caught 100 Ghosts in total now.
    Ghosthunting Rookie: Congratulations! You caught your first 5 Ghosts.
    Ghosthunting-Greenhorn: Congratulations! You caught 10 Ghosts in total now.
    Globetrotter: You've seen all leveltypes.
    Gotta catch them all!: Professor for Paranormal
    Have a good ride!: You trained a ghost.
    Headhunter: You've hired thirty different hunters.
    Job Adviser: You've hired five different hunters.
    Job-Center: You've hired fifteen different hunters.
    London: Milk and sugar?
    More dots!: We don't need no healer!
    Murphy strikes!: Now you are done!
    Pacifist: You go the peaceful way.
    Para-Researcher: The "Book of Ghosts" is near to it's completion!
    Slacker: We don't need no slacker!
    Superhero: A hunter reached level 5.
    Sweep him away!: You wiped the cleaner away!
    Swiftly: We ain't have time!
    Team ASH: Publishing Pleasures
    Team GamersGlobal: Game Veterans hunting ghosts!
    Team Microsoft: A big thank you to our awesome supporters
    Team Pixelmacher: BANANAS!
    Team Sound of Games: Let's haunt and bounce!
    Team Spieletipps: With a friendly hello to
    The suited man: You fired ten ghosthunters.
    Trophy Enthusiast: You've collected thirty achievements!
    Trophy Gatherer: You've collected fifteen achievements!
    Trophy Hunter: You've collected five achievements!
    Trophy-Bighead: You've collected fourty achievements!
    What the hell?: 7 ghosts or more in a level - and you beat them!
    Where's Pussy?: You've rescued the poor little pussy, great!
    Who let the dogs out?: You've rescued the dog, excellent!
    Windfall: You are stinkin' rich!
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