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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Ace Pilot: Unlock Pilot Rank 6. (6000 credits + Ninja palettes).
    Ambassador: Complete 5 matches playing each species. (1800 credits + Iridescent sheen).
    Analyst: Buy all of the 4 Marks for a single gunship part. (2400 credits + Bronze sheen).
    Annihilator: Deal a total of 1,000,000 points of damage. (3000 credits + Inferno sheen).
    Back at You!: Activate your Chorion Barrier by reaching its maximum mitigation 3 times in the same match. (1800 credits + Dragon Scales palette).
    Boom!: Hit 2 enemy gunships at once using an Area Blast weapon. (1200 credits + Fire sheen).
    Bringer of Apocalypse: Trigger a Genesis combo. (3000 credits + Rainbow palette + Rainbow sheen).
    Collector: Purchase 500 gunship parts or marks. (3200 credits + Frosted Gold sheen).
    Core Destroyer: Destroy the Core. (1400 credits + Amerika palette + USA sheen).
    Core Raider: Destroy the Core as your first carrier part in a match. (2400 credits + Uranium Green sheen).
    Defender: Have 2 Carrier Command abilities active at the same time for your team. (1200 credits + Aqua sheen).
    Dogfighter: Total of kills and assists reaches 100. (1500 credits + Pitch Black palette).
    Explorer: Buy 50 different gunship parts. (2200 credits + Sharp Gold sheen).
    Fooled Ya!: Trick each member of the opposing team to attack your Decoy using the Human Species' Ability. (1800 credits + Camo Forest palette).
    Force your Way In: Teleport inside the core room of the enemy carrier by using the Arblos' teleport. (1800 credits + Purple sheen).
    Foul Play: Use one of the enemy carrier's hatches to enter their Core Room. (1000 credits + Harlequin palette).
    Ganked!: Contribute in destroying an enemy gunship after an ally called a focus attack on him. (1200 credits + Hazard Lines palette).
    Gentleman: Complete 5 matches while both of your gunships are wrecked. (2000 credits + Cracked palette).
    Hacker: Induce 10 Negative Effects in a single match using Hacking Bots. (1600 credits + Neon Red sheen).
    Hide & Seek: Activate a Stealth Device while below 33% of your Shield and dock successfully. (1000 credits + Camo Urban palette).
    Hooker: Keep an enemy player hooked for 10 seconds using a Quantum Hook (MK 1, 2 or 3). (1000 credits + Pink palette + Pink & White palette).
    Know How: Complete all the tutorial steps. (1600 credits + Nature sheen).
    Nemesis: Hit 2 enemy gunships at once using a Wave weapon. (1200 credits + Neon Green sheen).
    Open the Way: Destroy Main Deck & Forcefield Generator in the same match. (1000 credits + Sand Yellow palette).
    Optimizer: Simultaneously affect all 4 players on your team with an Optimization Program. (1200 credits + Starlight Ambient).
    Point Blank: Shoot an enemy gunship from within 20 units using a Scattergun. (2000 credits + Checkers palette).
    Requisition: Win a match in control of someone else's gunship. (1000 credits + Cave Green sheen).
    Saboteur: Have 2 Sabotage abilities active at the same time for your team. (1200 credits + Neon Rainbow sheen).
    Sapper: Lay the maximum possible amount of one set of mines near your carrier ship. (1200 credits + Neon Yellow sheen).
    Satellite Bombing: Deal 2500 Damage using a Satellite weapon in a single sortie. (1200 credits + Camo Desert palette).
    Scientist: Unlock 1000 gunship parts or marks. (4000 credits + Frosted Silver sheen).
    Solo Combo: Perform a damage combo with turrets. (2000 credits + White Tiger palette).
    Sow Discord: Destroy Radar & Communication Tower in the same match. (1000 credits + Sand Blue palette).
    Spacer: Complete 100 matches. (3000 credits + Infrared sheen).
    Star Pilot: Unlock Pilot Rank 7. (15000 credits + Hyper White sheen).
    Supporter: Restore all other team members 3 times in a match using supplies. (1400 credits + Glacier sheen).
    Survivor: Win 3 consecutive matches without losing a single gunship. (3500 credits + Hex Carbon palette).
    Team Crippler: Destroy Ammo Depot & Repair Station in the same match. (1000 credits + Sand Red palette).
    The Best Offence is a Good Defense!: Win by destroying only one of the enemies' Carrier Parts. (1500 credits + Dark Red palette).
    Tinkerer: Unlock 500 gunship parts or marks. (2600 credits + Sharp Silver sheen).
    Tower Defense: Have 3 of your Sentries shoot all of their ammunition in a single match. (1500 credits + Neon Blue sheen).
    Under...dog...fight?: Hit 2 enemy gunships with a single shot using a multi-targeting weapon. (1200 credits + Red and Blue sheen).
    Vacuum Cleaning: Purge 3 Negative Effects at once. (1000 credits + Clean White sheen).
    Versatility is my Ally: Inflict 4 different Damage Types using a Guantri ship. (2000 credits + Graphic Dream palette).
    Way to the Core: Destroy Hull, Forcefield Generator & Core in that particular order. (1200 credits + Sand Green palette).
    Wrecker: Win by destroying 5 or more of the enemies' Carrier Parts. (1500 credits + Republik palette).
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