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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    All at sea: Get your skill level up to Boatswain.
    Are you being served: Serve all 7 different items to passengers.
    Aye Aye Cptn: Get your skill level up to Captain.
    Captain Slow: Run out of time during a mission.
    Close to the wind: Get your skill level up to SailMaster.
    Crest of the wave: Get promoted all the way to Guru.
    Fisherman Frenzy: Catch all 15 types of different fish.
    Good Lifer: Play for 12 hours.
    Great Lifer: Play for 24 hours.
    Head Honcho: Become the Tycoon of the Yoyo Islands.
    Hello Sailor: Complete 50 journeys successfully.
    Hit the big time: Make ten million bucks.
    I've been around you know: Visit all 52 ports on the Yoyo Islands.
    Jack Sparrow: Escape from pirates without being hit.
    Jacques Cousteau: Reach the deepest trench.
    Jolly Rogered: Damage your ship from pirates.
    Know the ropes: Get your skill level up to Quartermaster.
    Lone Wolf: Leave a port without taking any passengers.
    Lord Plunder: Find 50 ancient coins underwater.
    Master Mate: Get your skill level up to Mate.
    Mission Accomplice: Complete 25 missions successfully.
    Mission Impossible: Complete 200 missions successfully.
    Mission Position: Complete 100 missions successfully.
    My Marina: Unlock all boat types.
    No Lifer: Play for 60 hours.
    Really Estate: Buy at least 100 properties ashore.
    Scuba Sleuph: Find all 6 hidden treasures underwater.
    Sea Snapper: Photograph all 7 different mission items.
    Swimming with the fishes: Let your boat sink.
    Take my breath away: Run out of oxygen while diving.
    Twistered: Damage your ship in a tornado.
    Wide Angle Lens Needed: Photograph a whale.
    You da man: Get promoted all the way to Executive.
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