Hero Of The Kingdom 2
Easy "Prosperous" and "Wealthy" achievements

Talk to the peasant Thomas to purchase grain. Talk to the miller, and he will convert your grain to flour for 5 gold each. Next to the miller is the bread seller. Either sell her the flour for a profit of 3 gold each or bake it to bread. Go to town, and sell the bread to the cook to get a 5 gold profit.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Brave: Save your sister.
    Brilliant: Find 30 rainbow-tinted shells.
    Captain: Build your own ship.
    Careful: Help your sister make a necklace.
    Citizen: Enter the city.
    Clever: Acquire two areas of knowledge.
    Crabber: Find 15 crabs.
    Detective: Help the miller get back his lost grain.
    Diver: Find 10 pearls.
    Excellent crabber: Find 40 crabs.
    Excellent diver: Find 25 pearls.
    Excellent looter: Find 180 eggs.
    Excellent mushroom-picker: Find 200 mushrooms.
    Excellent searcher: Find 60 lost crates and barrels.
    Explorer: Find the ancient gold armor.
    Fisherman: Catch 60 fish.
    Gatherer: Gather 15 baskets of berries.
    Gifted: Learn five skills.
    Good-hearted: Give 12 charitable gifts.
    Healer: Heal seven people.
    Helpful: Help any fisherman in the village.
    Herbalist: Gather 10 sacks of herbs.
    Hero: Destroy the Demon.
    Honorable: Acquire Percy's compass.
    Hunter: Hunt down 10 wild animals.
    In love: Meet your true love.
    Looter: Find 70 eggs.
    Lucky: Find 12 treasures.
    Master fisherman: Catch 160 fish.
    Master gatherer: Gather 40 baskets of berries.
    Master herbalist: Gather 25 sacks of herbs.
    Master hunter: Hunt down 25 wild animals.
    Master thief: Pick 25 locks.
    Mushroom-picker: Find 80 mushrooms.
    Mysterious: Help three ghosts.
    Powerful: Get the Crown of Power.
    Prosperous: Own 1,000 gold coins.
    Renowned: Have 300 fame.
    Savior: Clear the city of zombies.
    Searcher: Find 25 lost crates and barrels.
    Skilled: Learn two skills.
    Snake killer: Kill 15 snakes.
    Spider killer: Kill 15 spiders.
    Strong: Have 100 strength.
    Thief: Pick 10 locks.
    Wealthy: Own 3,000 gold coins.
    Well-known: Have 100 fame.
    Wise: Acquire five areas of knowledge.
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