Hero Of The Kingdom


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Become a soldier: Become a soldier.
    Build or repair 10 structures: Build or repair 10 structures.
    Catch 160 fish: Catch 160 fish.
    Catch 80 fish: Catch 80 fish.
    Destroy the Dark Lord: Destroy the Dark Lord.
    Fight 12 battles: Fight 12 battles.
    Find 12 pearls: Find 12 pearls.
    Find 12 treasures: Find 12 treasures.
    Find 140 eggs: Find 140 eggs.
    Find 150 mushrooms: Find 150 mushrooms.
    Find 25 crayfish: Find 25 crayfish.
    Find 30 lost crates and barrels: Find 30 lost crates and barrels.
    Find 300 mushrooms: Find 300 mushrooms.
    Find 60 lost crates and barrels: Find 60 lost crates and barrels.
    Find father: Find father.
    Finish the water mill: Finish the water mill.
    Gather 15 barrels of algae: Gather 15 barrels of algae.
    Gather 40 sacks of night flowers: Gather 40 sacks of night flowers.
    Get a boat: Get a boat.
    Get a weapon: Get a weapon.
    Get working tools: Get working tools.
    Have 100 fame: Have 100 fame.
    Have 350 fame: Have 350 fame.
    Heal five people: Heal five people.
    Help two ghosts: Help two ghosts.
    Hunt down 25 wild animals: Hunt down 25 wild animals.
    Hunt down 65 wild animals: Hunt down 65 wild animals.
    Learn an advanced skill: Learn an advanced skill.
    Learn an expert skill: Learn an expert skill.
    Learn three skills: Learn three skills.
    Leave the home farm: Leave the home farm.
    Make 25 sun solutions: Make 25 sun solutions.
    Make a barter: Make a barter.
    Own 5,000 gold coins: Own 5,000 gold coins.
    Own 500 gold coins: Own 500 gold coins.
    Pick 45 herbs: Pick 45 herbs.
    Rest 50 times in a camp: Rest 50 times in a camp.
    Saw 10 pieces of wood: Saw 10 pieces of wood.
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