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News pickup locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 61 news pickups:

Chapter 1: Why We Fight

Chapter 2: Freedom

Chapter 3: Fire Sale

Chapter 4: The Wall

Chapter 5: Heartland

Chapter 7: Golden Gate

Easy "David Rejected" achievement

Easy "Drone Expert" achievement

QR code in Chapter 5: Heartland

In Chapter 5: Heartland, there is a QR code that appears during the mission. When captured with a phone with a QR reader, it will load the site at "//aug.me/SymB9t", which features wallpapers and videos from THQ.

Deus Ex reference

In Chapter 2: Freedom, the first line the black-marketer inside the labor camp will say is "You want to talk to El Ray? That's cool!". This is an exact statement made by a body guard for the Rook gang leader in the abandoned Brooklyn Bridge subway station in Deus Ex.

Red Dawn reference

During the second or third mission where you first see the Korean camp for the Americans full of trailers and RVs, there is a sign that reads "Go Wolverines". This is a reference to the school's team in the movie Red Dawn. The story is written by John Milius, who co-wrote Apocalypse Now and wrote/directed Red Dawn, which depicts a resistant movement against a Soviet-led invasion of the United States.

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