The Hunter: Primal

Corey Feldman Interview

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Are we there yet?: Travel 100 kilometers.
    Back from the brink of death: Get your health down to 5 and then heal yourself.
    Collector: Have every weapon in your inventory at least once during 1 life.
    Efficient hunter: Harvest 10 dinosaurs without changing server.
    Explorer: Travel to 25 settlements.
    Fast Hunter: Harvest a dinosaur within 2 minutes after you spawned.
    Happens to the best of us: Die for the first time.
    Hat-trick: Harvest 3 dinosaurs without changing server.
    Heavyweight T-rex: Harvest a Tyrannosaurus rex with a score over 2225.
    Heavyweight Triceratops: Harvest a Triceratops with a score over 1225.
    Heavyweight Utahraptor: Harvest a Utahraptor with a score over 725.
    I don't think I can carry all of this: Open 50 containers.
    I have not seen this place before: Travel to 5 settlements.
    I wasn't trying to hit anything: Miss with 100 shots.
    In dire need of insurance: Use 50 health cannisters.
    Intermediate T-rex hunter: Harvest 10 Tyrannosaurus rex.
    Intermediate Triceratops hunter: Harvest 10 Triceratops.
    Intermediate Utahraptor hunter: Harvest 10 Utahraptors.
    Junior T-rex hunter: Harvest your first Tyrannosaurus rex.
    Junior Triceratops hunter: Harvest your first Triceratops.
    Junior Utahraptor hunter: Harvest your first Utahraptor.
    Just gonna lay down for a while: Travel 400 kilometers.
    Master T-rex hunter: Harvest 50 Tyrannosaurus rex.
    Master Triceratops hunter: Harvest 50 Triceratops.
    Master Utahraptor hunter: Harvest 50 Utahraptors.
    Materialist: Open 200 containers.
    Need to rest...: Travel 200 kilometers.
    No rest needed: Harvest 6 dinosaurs without changing server.
    Out for a stroll: Travel 15 kilometers.
    Professional T-rex hunter: Harvest 25 Tyrannosaurus rex.
    Professional Triceratops hunter: Harvest 25 Triceratops.
    Professional Utahraptor hunter: Harvest 25 Utahraptors.
    Pushing it to the limit: Fill up your inventory to the maximum capacity.
    Quantity over quality: Open 100 containers.
    Saviour: Kill a dinosaur that is hunting another player while that player is below 20% hp.
    Sharpshooter: Hit with 100 shots.
    So many marvelous sights: Travel to 10 settlements.
    Souvenir: Take your first Trophy Shot.
    Survivalist: Survive for 2 hours.
    Teamspirit: Play with 3 other players simultaneously.
    The carnage never stops: Harvest 15 dinosaurs without changing server.
    This does not even fill my inventory: Open 5 containers.
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