Independence War: Defiance

Corey Feldman Interview

Note: This game is also titled I-War: Defiance.

Cheat Codes

Enter the pilot roster screen and select any slot to display the history and missions screen for that person. Enable the "History" box, then type "dethweezul" (case-sensitive) to enable cheat mode. If you entered the code correctly, the word "Outcome" and a number will appear under each completed mission. Then, enter one of the following codes at the indicated screen to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Screen Cheat Code
Add selected mission to historyPlayer history[Left Shift] + [Backspace]
Toggle selected mission's outcomePlayer history[Left Shift] + =
All missions accessiblePlayer history[Left Shift] + 0
InvincibilityGame play[Left Shift] + I
Destroy targeted shipGame play[Left Shift] + 0
Freeze targetGame play[Left Shift] + [Semicolon]
Dock with any vesselGame play[Left Shift] + K
Advance to next mission eventGame play[Left Shift] + S
Instant mission victoryGame play[Left Shift] + W
View previous FMV sequenceGame play[Left Shift] + [Backspace]
Turbo modeGame play[Left Shift] + A
Jump to target's vicinityGame play[Left Shift] + 8
Match target velocityGame play[Left Shift] + 9
View all reachable destinations as
Game play[Left Shift] + G
Jump to current Lagrange point
Game play[Left Shift] + J
Screen capture [Note]Game play[Left Shift] + P
Continuous screen captureGame play[Left Shift] + M

Note: The current screen will be saved as a PCX file in the "psg\resource\art\screens" directory.

Command line cheats

Start the game with one or more of the following command line parameters to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The save point codes may not allow the game to continue normally.

Result Command Line Parameter
Play in desktop window-w
Disable sound-xsound
Start from save point 1-start1
Start from save point 2-start2
Start from save point 3-start3
Start from save point 4-start4
Use save slot 0-slot0
Use save slot 1-slot1
Use save slot 2 -slot2
Use save slot 3 -slot3
Use save slot 4 -slot4
Use Save slot 5 -slot5
Correct screenshots in 3Dfx mode-nozlock

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