Insanity's Blade


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    ...And My Axe!: Upgrade Finn's axes to max level!
    A Real Hero: You are an ARCADE MASTER!
    All of the Stuff!!!: Get all the pointy things!
    All of the Things!!!: Collect all the questy things!
    And Then I Complained That The Game Was Too Easy...: Beat the game on Casual difficulty
    Copy And Paste: Wow! 100% on all your saves!
    Dagger Fist: Now you can throw daggers!
    Damn Squatters!!!: Set a hostage free
    Defiler of Roosters: Get the Cock Puncher
    Do you even lift, Bro?: Reach the max level!
    Donation Accepted!: Pay your dues to the zombie priests
    Exit Only!: Get hugged by a crawler
    Game Over Man! Game Over!: The taste of true defeat
    Get off my lawn!: Throw 'em around!
    Go To Hell!!: You beat the game!
    Hand Solo: Play singleplayer on the day of love
    Hey Sailor!: Skip the How To Play Video
    How Do I Do That Again?: Revisit the How To Play video
    I can't even...: Die in the water
    I Don't Wanna Die!: Hey! We thought you liked it rough!
    I read books for the pictures, dude!: Complete the Arcade adventure!
    Kids these days...: Use a continue on Stage 0
    Look Ma, No Saves!: You like to live dangerously, no saves!
    Make War, Not Love...: Play co-op on the day of love
    Real Magic: Bought the 6-way magic daggers!
    Really - I didn't cheat!!!: Go through HELL with no saves!
    Sharing is good!: Tear 'em in two!
    Surfs Up Dude!: Go corpse surfing
    The Love Boat!: Play within punching distance!
    There is no Thurstan, Only Zuul!: Thurstan gets possessed
    What A Rip Off!: Rip an arm off 'em!
    While you're (not) down there...: Beat a walking level without crouching.
    You Lose! Perfect!!: Finish Stage 0 in Hell Mode
    You won't be needing those...: Deliver a punishing ball kick!
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