Ion Maiden


Cheat Codes

At the main menu, select "Options", then choose the "Cheats" option. At the cheats menu, select the "Enter Cheat Code" option to display a new window, allowing you to enter a code. Enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding cheat function. Once a code has been entered, start a new game, or load an existing game. Pause the game and open the "Options" menu, then the "Cheats" menu, and click any of the cheats that are listed to toggle them. You will see a message in the upper left corner of the screen confirming that the cheat is active (for example, the God mode code says: "Cheater! God Mode On").

Result Cheat Code
God modeIMGOD
Give all (weapons, ammo, keys, armor, etc.)IMAFK
No clipping mode (walk through walls)IMFREE
Full mapIMLOST
Display debug dataIMREALBUILDER

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