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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    All that Glitters: Get a gold sash for every animal.
    Bropaw!: Tap the animals in the Cabin 200 times.
    Crazy Flapjacks: Own at least one of every syrup at once.
    Credit where credit is due: Learn the names of the people that made this game.
    Daddy Warlogs: Spend 100000 Logs in the store. (Lifetime).
    Finish your errands, Jack!: Finish all of your errands like a good lumberjack.
    Flapjacks consumed!: Beat World 1.
    Hot and Sticky: Use 15 Syrups.
    Just the beginning..: Beat World 4.
    Lovely Lady Lumberjack: Read all of the letters from Jill Timber.
    Lumber Stubble: Beat a level with one or more beards on.
    More like "Threebeard": Beat a level with three or more beards on.
    No longer bogged: Beat World 2.
    Perfected the peaks: Beat World 3.
    Plaidtastic: Get a plaid sash for every animal.
    Play it again, Sam: Re-watch a cutscene.
    Quintpics: Buy five pictures for your cabin.
    Return to Sender: Read all of the letters from Ranger Bob.
    Sap-o-holic: Use 100 Syrups.
    Silver Bells.. er Sashes: Get a silver sash for every animal.
    Splinter Sell: Spend 50000 Logs in the store. (Lifetime).
    Spruce things up: Get a painting for for Jack's cabin.
    Syrup Sycophant: Use 50 Syrups.
    Turns green when wet. Or is that copper?: Get a bronze sash for every animal.
    We're going to need a bigger razor: Buy all the beards.
    Wooden Nickels: Spend 5000 Logs in the store. (Lifetime).
    You're doing it wrong: Hit 10 animals.
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