Kingpin: Life Of Crime

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Cheat Codes

Load the game with the "kingpin.exe +developer 1" command line. Then while playing the game, press ` to display the console prompt and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The codes are reset when a level begins and must be activated after the game actually starts. Some codes may only be effective in the demo version of the game.

Result Cheat Code
Toggle God modeimmortal or god
Toggle no clipping modenoclip
Toggle third-person viewtogglecam
Spawn gibs at crosshair locationgibtest
Jet pack modegive jet pack
Jump or duck to fly after jet pack
mode is activated
use jet pack
Ignored by opponentsnotarget
Set on-screen enemies on fireextracrispy
All weaponsgive weapons
All items, except cashgive all
Full ammunitiongive ammo
Full healthgive health
Full armorgive armor
Bulletsgive bullets [number]
Shellsgive shells [number]
Gasgive gas [number]
Cashgive cash [number]
.308 caliber bulletsgive 308cal [number]
Grenadesgive grenades [number]
Rocketsgive rockets [number]
Crowbargive crowbar
Pistolgive pistol
Pistol silencergive mods
Shotgungive shotgun
Flame-throwergive flamethrower
Tommy gungive tommygun
Heavy machinegungive heavy machinegun
Grenade launchergive grenade launcher
Bazookagive bazooka
Silencer for handgungive spistol
Auto-reloading handgungive pistol reload
Healthgive health
Coilgive coil
Watchgive watch
Batterygive battery
Whiskeygive whiskey
Chemical plant keygive chem_plant_key
Fusegive fuse
Bait shop keygive shop_key
Warehouse keygive warehouse_key
Lizzy's headgive lizzy head
Shipyard keygive shipyard_key
Moker's office keygive office_key
Valve handlegive valve
Skytram ticketgive ticket
Flashlightgive flashlight
Small medical kitgive small health
Large medical kitgive large health
Adrenalinegive adrenaline
Helmet armorgive helmet armor
Jacket armorgive jacket armor
Legs armorgive legs armor
Play selected map [Note]map [map name]

Note: Enter a map name from the following list.

Map names:

LocationMap name
Skid rowsr1
The Supersr2
Mean Streetssr3
The Jesussr4
Club Swankbar_pv
Louie's Errandpv_1
Blanco Industriespv_b
Nikki Blancopv_boss
Lizzie's Problemsy_h
Salty Dogbar_sy
Pier Pressuresy1
Das Bootsy2
Boiler Roombar_st
Steel Millsteel2
Steel Processingsteel3
Moker Shippingsteel4
Dark Passagety2
The Picnickpcut4
Radio City Stationrc1
Enter the Dragonsrc2
Streets of Firerc3
Skytram Stationrc4
Central Towersrc5
Crystal Palace Eastrcboss1
Crystal Palace Westrcboss2
Outro sequencekpcut7

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