Legends Of Persia


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    10 potions: Used 10 potions.
    100 destruction: Breaking 100 items.
    100 magic: Using your skills for 100 times.
    1000 gold: Earn 1000 gold.
    1000 kill: Killing 1000 enemies.
    200 kill: Killing 200 enemies.
    200 magic: Using your skills for 200 times.
    25 destruction: Breaking 25 items.
    25 magic: Using your skills for 25 times.
    3 deaths: Died 3 times.
    300 gold: Earn 300 gold.
    3000 gold: Earn 3000 gold.
    400 kill: Killing 400 enemies.
    4th boss: Killed 4th boss.
    50 kill: Killing 50 enemies.
    50 potions: Used 50 potions.
    500 magic: Using your skills for 500 times.
    5th boss: Killed 5th boss.
    8 deaths: Died 8 times.
    Demon hunter: Killed demon and released allies.
    Easy complete: Finish game in easy mode.
    Easy complete & Hardcore: Finish game in easy and hardcore mode.
    First boss: Killed first boss.
    First item: Trade first item.
    Hard complete: Finish game in hard mode.
    Hard complete & Hardcore: Finish game in hard and hardcore mode.
    Hunter: Dealing more than 5000 damage.
    Normal complete: Finish game in Normal mode.
    Normal complete & Hardcore: Finish game in Normal and hardcore mode.
    Second boss: Killed second boss.
    Third boss: Killed third boss.
    War chief: Dealing more than 12000 damage.
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