Lichdom: Battlemage


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    99.1% Pure: Destroy 20 Loot Crystals.
    A Salt Shaker Half Full: Careful with the crates in Soddentrod.
    Apprentice: Choose your first sigil.
    Archaeologist: Discover all Ancient Plaques.
    Artificer: Craft your first spell.
    Bass Ackwards: Complete all Skirmish Portals.
    Bitter Victory: Unknown.
    Challenge Completed: Complete an entire New Game Plus sequence.
    Corpsesmith: Level your Necromancy Sigil to 15.
    Cryosmith: Level your Ice Sigil to 15.
    Cult 45: Complete all Disable Portals.
    Demon Killer: Unknown.
    Drivasser Explorer: Find all of the Plaques in Drivasser.
    Dust In The Wind: Defeat the Ancient Golem.
    Electrosmith: Level your Lightning Sigil to 15.
    Especially When It's Waving a Razor-sharp Hunting Knife In Your Eye: Oops, did I break that crate on you?
    Forcesmith: Level your Kinesis Sigil to 15.
    Get the Water Flowing: Unknown.
    Good, Bad, I'm the One with the Magic: Complete 6 Loot Machines.
    Grey Teeth Explorer: Find all of the Plaques in the Grey Teeth.
    Hulk No Smash: Defeat the Undead Hulk.
    I Am the Dragon: Unknown.
    Into the Darkness: Unknown.
    It's Comin' Outta Me Like Lava!: Fall in the lava in the Maelstrom.
    Lost Zasad Explorer: Find all of the Plaques in Lost Zasad.
    Love Is Poison: Defeat Hedira.
    Maelstrom Explorer: Find all of the Plaques in the Maelstrom.
    Mage Against the Machine: Complete 2 Loot Machines.
    Magic Hunt: Complete all Hunt Portals.
    Mouthful: Complete an entire series of Vortex Portals in one sitting.
    Newb Game Plus: Complete any Vortex Portal.
    Nontrivial Pursuit: Complete all Pursuit Portals.
    Old Drivasser Explorer: Find all of the Plaques in Old Drivasser.
    Phasesmith: Level your Phase Sigil to 15.
    Plaguesmith: Level your Corruption Sigil to 15.
    Plus Sized: Complete three sets of Vortex Portals.
    Psychosmith: Level your Delirium Sigil to 15.
    Puking Pustules: Destroy 20 Loot Spores.
    Pyrosmith: Level your Fire Sigil to 15.
    Sacrifice: Unknown.
    Sinkhole Explorer: Find all of the Plaques in the Sinkhole.
    Soddentrod Explorer: Find all of the Plaques in Soddentrod.
    Stay On Target: Defeat the Stone Golem before dispatching of Hedaro.
    Surf and Turf: Defeat Frostclaw.
    This House is Clean: Complete 20 Loot Machines.
    This One, This One Right Here.This Was My Dream, My Wish: Find 20 Loot Orbs.
    Twenty Men Enter, Only Him Leave!: Complete 10 Loot Machines.
    Under the Rocks: Unknown.
    You Took Too Much, Man.You Took Too Much: Destroy more than 20 special crates in Soddentrod.
    You would prefer another target, a military target?: Defeat Hedaro before dispatching the Stone Golem.
    Zasad Explorer: Find all of the Plaques in Zasad.
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