Life Is Feudal: Your Own


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Alpinist: Get on the top of the highest mountain.
    Apex of human capabilities: Reach stats cap.
    Cardinal: Reach 90 lvl of Piety.
    Deus Vult!: Max out (90 lvl) 6 combat skills and piety.
    Digging someone's way to the grave: Kill someone with a shovel.
    Excavator: Use over 10 000 units of different substances (soil, rocks, ore, clay etc.) in terraforming abilities.
    Famous Axe and Mace Master: Reach 100 in Axe and mace mastery skill.
    Famous Axeman: Reach 100 in 2H axes mastery skill.
    Famous Basher: Reach 100 in 2H blunt mastery skill.
    Famous Berserker: Reach 100 in War cries skill.
    Famous Brawler: Reach 100 in Unarmed combat skill.
    Famous Chainmail Master: Reach 100 in Chainmail armors skill.
    Famous Combatant: Reach 100 in Battle Survival skill.
    Famous Commander: Reach 100 in Unit and formation skill.
    Famous Crossbowman: Reach 100 in Crossbows mastery skill.
    Famous Fencer: Reach 100 in Blades Mastery skill.
    Famous Horseman: Reach 100 in War horse handling skill.
    Famous Knight: Reach 100 in Mounted fighting mastery skill.
    Famous Lancer: Reach 100 in Lancing skill.
    Famous Leather Master: Reach 100 in Leather armors skill.
    Famous Levy: Reach 100 in Militia service skill.
    Famous Marksman: Reach 100 in Bows mastery skill.
    Famous Master of Combat preparations: Reach 100 in Combat preparation skill.
    Famous Padded Master: Reach 100 in Padded armors skill.
    Famous Person: Reach 100 in Authority skill.
    Famous Piercing Arms Master: Reach 100 in Piercing mastery skill.
    Famous Platemail Master: Reach 100 in Plate armors skill.
    Famous Polearms Master: Reach 100 in Poleaxes mastery skill.
    Famous Raider: Reach 100 in Demolition skill.
    Famous Scale Master: Reach 100 in Scale armors skill.
    Famous Sergeant: Reach 100 in Drill skill.
    Famous Shield Master: Reach 100 in Shield mastery skill.
    Famous Slicer: Reach 100 in 2H blades mastery skill.
    Famous Soldier: Reach 100 in Equipment maintain skill.
    Famous Spearman: Reach 100 in Spear mastery skill.
    Famous Stomper: Reach 100 in Heavy horse handling skill.
    Famous Thrower: Reach 100 in Throwing Weaponry skill.
    Grandmaster Alchemist: Reach 100 in Alchemy skill.
    Grandmaster Architect: Reach 100 in Architecture skill.
    Grandmaster Armorsmith: Reach 100 in Armorsmithing skill.
    Grandmaster Artisan: Reach 100 in Arts skill.
    Grandmaster Bow Crafter: Reach 100 in Bowcraft skill.
    Grandmaster Breeder: Reach 100 in Animal lore skill.
    Grandmaster Builder: Reach 100 in Construction skill.
    Grandmaster Carpenter: Reach 100 in Carpentry skill.
    Grandmaster Climber: Reach 100 in Climbing skill.
    Grandmaster Cook: Reach 100 in Cooking skill.
    Grandmaster Earthworker: Reach 100 in Terraforming skill.
    Grandmaster Engineer: Reach 100 in Warfare engineering skill.
    Grandmaster Farmer: Reach 100 in Farming skill.
    Grandmaster Forester: Reach 100 in Forestry skill.
    Grandmaster Gatherer: Reach 100 in Gathering skill.
    Grandmaster Healer: Reach 100 in Healing skill.
    Grandmaster Herbalist: Reach 100 in Herbalism skill.
    Grandmaster Hunter: Reach 100 in Fishing/hunting skill.
    Grandmaster Jeweler: Reach 100 in Jewelry skill.
    Grandmaster Lumberjack: Reach 100 in Logging skill.
    Grandmaster Mason: Reach 100 in Masonry skill.
    Grandmaster Mentor: Reach 100 in Mentoring skill.
    Grandmaster Metalworker: Reach 100 in Smelting skill.
    Grandmaster Miner: Reach 100 in Mining skill.
    Grandmaster Naturalist: Reach 100 in Nature's lore skill.
    Grandmaster Powerlifter: Reach 100 in General actions skill.
    Grandmaster Procurer: Reach 100 in Procuration skill.
    Grandmaster Prospector: Reach 100 in Prospecting skill.
    Grandmaster Smith: Reach 100 in Forging skill.
    Grandmaster Stone Shaper: Reach 100 in Construction materials preparation skill.
    Grandmaster Swimmer: Reach 100 in Swimming skill.
    Grandmaster Tailor: Reach 100 in Tailoring skill.
    Grandmaster Traveler: Reach 100 in Horseback riding skill.
    Harvest time!: Gather from your farm or garden plot.
    Herbalist-Chemist: Discover all alchemy potions & preparations available for your character.
    Highway thug: Knockout a person with a positive alignment.
    Home, sweet home!: Build your first house.
    In God we trust!: Pray 20 consecutive days.
    Just 5 more minutes...: Spend 12 hours in game without disconnecting.
    Knight in shining armor: Reach +100 alignment.
    Master Alchemist: Reach 90 in Alchemy skill.
    Master Architect: Reach 90 in Architecture skill.
    Master Armorsmith: Reach 90 in Armorsmithing skill.
    Master Artisan: Reach 90 lvl of Arts skill.
    Master Bow Crafter: Reach 90 in Bowcraft skill.
    Master Breeder: Reach 90 in Animal lore skill.
    Master Builder: Reach 90 in Construction skill.
    Master Carpenter: Reach 90 in Carpentry skill.
    Master Climber: Reach 90 lvl of Climbing skill.
    Master Cook: Reach 90 in Cooking skill.
    Master Earthworker: Reach 90 in Terraforming skill.
    Master Engineer: Reach 90 in Warfare engineering skill.
    Master Farmer: Reach 90 in Farming skill.
    Master Forester: Reach 90 in Forestry skill.
    Master Gatherer: Reach 90 in Gathering skill.
    Master Healer: Reach 90 in Healing skill.
    Master Herbalist: Reach 90 in Herbalism skill.
    Master Hunter: Reach 90 lvl of Fishing/hunting skill.
    Master Jeweler: Reach 90 lvl of Jewelry skill.
    Master Lumberjack: Reach 90 in Logging skill.
    Master Mason: Reach 90 in Masonry skill.
    Master Mentor: Reach 90 lvl of Mentoring skill.
    Master Metalworker: Reach 90 in Smelting skill.
    Master Miner: Reach 90 in Mining skill.
    Master Naturalist: Reach 90 in Nature's lore skill.
    Master Powerlifter: Reach 90 lvl of General actions skill.
    Master Procurer: Reach 90 in Procuration skill.
    Master Prospector: Reach 90 in Prospecting skill.
    Master Smith: Reach 90 in Forging skill.
    Master Stone Shaper: Reach 90 in Construction materials preparation skill.
    Master Swimmer: Reach 90 lvl of Swimming skill.
    Master Tailor: Reach 90 in Tailoring skill.
    Master Traveler: Reach 90 lvl of Horseback riding skill.
    Move it, sun is too high!: Knockout an overburdened player.
    Nothing less but a masterpiece of medieval architecture!: Build a Keep.
    Now that's really big!: Build a Large Keep.
    On the run: Travel 10 km in total on run.
    One with the nature: Plant 200 saplings.
    Pope: Reach 100 in Piety.
    Skillful Crafstman: Reach crafting skills cap.
    Strong Warrior: Reach combat skills cap.
    This is indeed your second life!: Spend 100 hours in game in total.
    Well-known Axe and Mace Master: Reach 90 lvl of Axe and mace skill.
    Well-known Axeman: Reach 90 lvl of 2H axes skill.
    Well-known Basher: Reach 90 lvl of 2H blunt skill.
    Well-known Berserker: Reach 90 lvl of War cries skill.
    Well-known Brawler: Reach 90 lvl of Unarmed combat skill.
    Well-known Chainmail Master: Reach 90 lvl of Chainmail armors skill.
    Well-known Combatant: Reach 90 lvl of Battle Survival skill.
    Well-known Commander: Reach 90 lvl of Unit and formation skill.
    Well-known Crossbowman: Reach 90 lvl of Crossbows skill.
    Well-known Fencer: Reach 90 lvl of Blades skill.
    Well-known Horseman: Reach 90 lvl of War horse handling skill.
    Well-known Knight: Reach 90 lvl of Mounted fighting skill.
    Well-known Lancer: Reach 90 lvl of Lancing skill.
    Well-known Leather Master: Reach 90 lvl of Leather armors skill.
    Well-known Levy: Reach 90 lvl of Militia service skill.
    Well-known Marksman: Reach 90 lvl of Bows skill.
    Well-known Master of Combat preparations: Reach 90 lvl of Combat preparation skill.
    Well-known Padded Master: Reach 90 lvl of Padded armors skill.
    Well-known Person: Reach 90 lvl of Authority skill.
    Well-known Piercing Arms Master: Reach 90 lvl of Piercing skill.
    Well-known Platemail Master: Reach 90 lvl of Plate armors skill.
    Well-known Polearms Master: Reach 90 lvl of Poleaxes skill.
    Well-known Raider: Reach 90 lvl of Demolition skill.
    Well-known Scale Master: Reach 90 lvl of Scale armors skill.
    Well-known Sergeant: Reach 90 lvl of Drill skill.
    Well-known Shield Master: Reach 90 lvl of Shield skill.
    Well-known Slicer: Reach 90 lvl of 2H blades skill.
    Well-known Soldier: Reach 90 lvl of Equipment maintain skill.
    Well-known Spearman: Reach 90 lvl of Spear skill.
    Well-known Stomper: Reach 90 lvl of Heavy horse handling skill.
    Well-known Thrower: Reach 90 lvl of Throwing Weaponry skill.
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