The Lord Of The Rings: Conquest

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ

Rise Of Sauron campaign

Successfully complete all War Of The Ring campaign maps to unlock the Rise Of Sauron campaign.

Legendary mode

Successfully complete the War Of The Ring and Rise Of Sauron campaigns to unlock the Legendary difficulty.

Easy health

When playing as an Archer, Scout, or Warrior, return to the "Change Class" location, and change to a Mage. After regenerating your health, change back to your original class.

Finding invisible Scouts

Have an Archer fire a Poison Arrow at an invisible Scout to reveal its position.

Special abilities

Use one of the following moves to perform the corresponding special ability:

    Aragorn: Hold [Strong Attack] for five seconds, then press [Weak Attack] while still holding [Strong Attack]. This will activate Powers Of The Undead for healing over time. Note: This can only can be activated once per life.
    Elrond: Unknown move. Water sphere that heals and protects from projectiles.
    Eowyn: Press [Weak Attack], [Jump]. She will do an invincible front flip over opponents.
    Faramir: Unknown move. Energy attack can be repeated quickly for multiple hits.
    Frodo: Unknown move. Does not uncloak when using melee attacks
    Gandalf: Unknown move. Lightning attack will hit multiple enemies. Wider fire attack.
    Gimli: Unknown move. Powerful Longbeard Pound energy attack that cannot be interrupted.
    Isildur: Unknown move. Energy attacks made more powerful by flaming "ghosts" that deal extra damage.
    Legolas: Hold [Weak Attack] for five seconds, then press [Jump] while still holding [Weak Attack]. He will ride on his shield.
    Lurtz: Unknown move. Arrows can pierce through enemies and hit others.
    Mouth Of Saruman: Unknown move. Lightning attack becomes progressively more powerful as it spreads through a group of enemies.
    Nazgul: Unknown move. Power Of Nine attack can be used in combinations with other energy attacks.
    Saruman: Unknown move. Lightning attack does high damage to single enemies. Powerful fire attack.
    Witch King: Unknown move. Terror Quake attack that can damage an entire battlefield of enemies.
    Wormtounge: Unknown move. Spawns a bomb in his hand that makes him faster, stronger, and regenerate energy quicker before it explodes after ten seconds.
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