Lovely Planet


Easy "Ace City", "Ace Forest", "Ace Mountains", "Ace Swamp", and "Ace Village" achievements

You must obtain all of the following stars in the corresponding level to earn its "Ace" achievement. The blue star is unlocked by completing the level. The green star is earned by completing the level under its qualifying time, which is displayed next to the "Q" under your time after a level ends. The yellow star is obtained by completing a level with 100% accuracy.

Easy "Drinker Drinker" achievement

Successfully complete Level 4-15 normally. When you reach the finish pole, jump over the fence behind it and get close to the martini glass. Jump on it to get the "Drinker Drinker" achievement.

Easy "Harakiri" achievement

Shoot yourself by jumping while repeatedly shooting below you until you are hit to get the "Harakiri" achievement.

Easy "True Samurai" achievement

Dodge a bullet by doing a right angle. Look at a bullet and move left or right to form a right angle to get the "True Samurai" achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Ace City: Unlock All Stars (City).
    Ace Forest: Unlock All Stars (Forest).
    Ace Mountains: Unlock All Stars (Mountains).
    Ace Swamp: Unlock All Stars (Swamp).
    Ace Village: Unlock All Stars (Village).
    Drinker Drinker: Drink the Sake (Swamp).
    Graves: Find the Graves (Village).
    Harakiri: Shoot Yourself.
    Hungry Samurai: Find the Hungry Samurai (Village).
    Pearl Dagger: Find the Dagger with the Pearl Inlay (Forest).
    Planet Shrine: Visit the Shrine of Lovely Planet.
    Rainbow Gun: Collect All Gun Colors.
    Secrets: Find All Hidden Secrets.
    True Samurai: Parry Projectile at Right Angles.
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