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Easy gold and hero level

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Start a game in Campaign mode, and choose any beginning point. As soon as the game begins, save the game, then quit the game. Enter the "\My Documents\majesty2\profiles\0\saves\campaigns" folder. You will see numbered folders for the saved games (with just one save it will be "0"). For example: "\My documents\majesty2\profiles\0\saves\campaigns\save0". Enter the numbered folder, and open the "mission.sav" file with a text editor. Search for the following line:

    kingdomtreasure "money"

Following the "money" text, there will be a number, which represents your current gold. Change this value to have more gold. Note: Sometimes the number will have a decimal. Altering the front set of numbers (the value before the decimal point) will affect the money cheat. You can also edit hero levels, with 100 as the maximum. In the same file, search for the following line:

    entity "hero_dwarf"

(or mage, rouge, hunter, warrior, etc.). Change the line that reads "Current Level". Note: Not all heroes are listed in this file. Also, when updating other values for a hero, it does not always work (for example, maximum health, dps, etc.).

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