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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A FISTFUL OF STRAWBERRIES: You harvested your first strawberries, now a word of encouragement from our sponsor Somanto.
    ALL NIGHTER: Congratulation you just played McDROID for 7 hours straight, now un-board your windows and breathe some fresh air, then come back inside to complete other insane achievement.
    ALL NIGHTMARE: The SOMANTO agents knocking at your door agree, the intensity of your brainwaves could power one of their mining vessels. Enjoy your next job in a vat.
    ANTI PIMPED OUT: Your robot looks impressively underpowered wearing these cursed items.
    ANTI-CONSUMER ONE: You have purchased no turret in Nightmare mode, this is just not possible plus it is a lethal showcase of anti-consumerism.
    Basetopia: You deployed mobile power nodes. Now don't you break our level designs.
    CAPTAIN PLANET: You have finished McDROID in normal. Do you want to try Challenge?
    CAPTURED MUTAGEL VAT: You guiltlessly destroyed the SOMANTO "Tower of Terror" and captured a Mutagel Vat.
    CHLOROPHYL ALLERGIES: Completed "Anti Bliss" without using a single bliss engine.
    FIREFIGHTER: With ninja-skills you've flipped your turrets out of harms way. Well done, you deserve a pat on the turret mount.
    FIRST NIGHTMARE: You have achieved the impossible and won ONE nightmare level. Now time to go buy a new keyboard, and don't mind that SOMANTO van parked outside your building.
    Friend of Nikola: You love electricity so much that you have completed a level using only Tesla coils. You are not a pigeon, you know?
    FULLY OPERATIONAL: From itty bitty doggy robot, to rail upgraded mobile battle station, give us a roar.
    HEALED THE PLANET: You have healed your planet and she is happy now. But for for how long...
    McSAMURAI: You, your turret and your shuttle did not take any damage in an entire level.
    NO MORE BABY TALK: Planet is healing, now her cognitive abilities are re-emerging... pfuuu.
    PAYDAY: You showed initiative by stealing one of the weapons from the research lab and cracked another safe.
    SHAREHOLDER ENEMY: You have refrained from spending your strawberries. The SOMANTO corporation politely requests you stop messing with its strawberry profits
    SIGN IMMOLATION: Never one to ask for directions you've burnt all those pesky signs which tried just telling you anyway.
    SOCIAL BERRY: For some unknown reasons, you took a photo of strawberries (fictitious or real), posted said photo on your least favorite social network then sent us the URL at with your steam id. Weirdo.
    STRAWBERRY PIGGY: Such farming super ability makes us salivate at the potential profit.
    THE FIRST HEALING: The first planet nodule is healed. She is on her way to recovery and you can start feeling her love through your mechanical heart.
    TOUGHTANIUM UNDERPANTS: SOMANTO's anabolic seem to be working for you. You have finished the game in Challenge, which is normally impossible.
    TRIAL BY SPAWNER: You survived volcanoes, Spawners and dodged their offspring. Planet was right to chose you.
    UN-GENEROSITY: You played Coop and hoarded over 75% of the resources. With people like you, society's downward spiral is in good hands.
    UZUMAKI DESKA ?: You beat The Spiral and unlocked the infinite challenge mode! Now you can enjoy vertigo forever and ever and ever, until you die.
    WHY SO STINGY?: Your disdain for buying turrets displeases the Intergalactic Monetary Fund.
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