Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Arsenal: Own all weapons.
    Barbecue: Destroy 30 bots with the Flamer.
    Beast: Do a Multi-Kill.
    Boot Camp: Finish tutorial.
    Call Security !: Destroy The Enforcer.
    Collector: Destroy an enemy of each type.
    Entrepreneur: Collect 5000 Coins.
    Flawless: Complete a mission without losing any health.
    Full House: Finish an online game with 4 players.
    Had a Blast!: Destroy 30 bots with the Grenade or Rocket Launcher.
    Locked & Loaded: Upgrade a weapon to the maximum level.
    Loco: Melee Kill a Fuel Bot.
    Meltdown Master: Get Level 3 Prestige.
    Microwave: Pickup 10 Nukes.
    Mortar Kombat !: Destroy The Barrager.
    Ohm my God !: Destroy The Electrocutioner.
    Onliner: Complete 10 online games.
    Pumped Up: Max out all skills.
    Rage: Reach 100% Critical Strike with the Fury skill.
    Ranked Up: Obtain a 3 star rank on a mission.
    Shocking: Destroy 30 bots with the Shocker.
    Slice'em Up: Destroy 30 bots with a melee weapon.
    Sluggish: Destroy 30 bots with the Shotgun.
    Speedy: Complete a mission in less than 2 minutes.
    Teamwork: Finish an online game.
    Tech Wizard: Collect 100 Chips.
    The Prestige: Get Level 1 Prestige.
    Veteran: Destroy 1000 bots.
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