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Cheat Codes

Type one of the following codes at the start menu to activate the corresponding cheat function. Enter the code again to deactivate it.

Result Cheat Code
Unlock all songs, heroes, and abitities in FreePlay modePARTYTIME
If you die in FreePlay mode, the song continues until the endNOFAIL
Big head modeNOGGINS
Boss Rush mode (five song playlist where each Boss must be defeated to continueTHERUSH
All songs play 33% fasterZIPTUNE
Notes scroll 40% fasterTHEHUSTLE
Start a 50 song playlist using your currently equipped party and difficultyNOPEEBREAKS

Secret gear

Own the indicated game on Steam to get the corresponding special gear:

    Elena's Amulet: Own the "Whispering Willows" on Steam.
    Katie's Helmet: Own the "Concursion" on Steam.
    The Witch's Grimoire: Own "The Weaponographist" on Steam.
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