Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    99 Reasons: 99+ hits with Bokden's Hands.
    Baby Indy: Find 1 secret room.
    Barely Legal: Register Old Suzuki (just in time!).
    Basket Case: Find 40+ XP baskets.
    Bear Cub: Convince the Bear to join.
    Caught the Wind: Recruit Bokden.
    Crystal Clear: Pass the Crystals trial.
    Even I: 3+ hits with James' Hands.
    Everybody Has To Start: Complete 1 quest.
    Going with the Wind: Kill more than 1000 enemies with Bokden.
    Golem Overking Slayer: Kill Golem Overking.
    Gorilla Lord Slayer: Kill Gorilla Lord.
    Grand Rift by Night: Go through the Grand Rift.
    Great Explorer: 20+ secret rooms found.
    Great Samaritan: Hard Mode Completed.
    Hairmaster: Complete Q9 (Find Jacque's Hair Potion).
    Hand in Hand: 400+ hits with Marine's hands.
    Indy Jones Learned From Me: All secret rooms found.
    Jackpot!: Get 50+ Gold from a gold sack.
    JAWS: Defeat the Tyranosaurus.
    Kaiserslautern: Kill all animal kings.
    Kid Indy: Find 5+ secret rooms.
    Legendary Slayer: Kill Legendary Warrior.
    Master of Time: Finish the game in less than 13 hours in Hard Mode.
    Millennium Addict: Spend 40+ hours on the game.
    Myst Veteran: 1000+ fights.
    Myst'Rockfeller: Held more than 99,000 Gold.
    Perfect Chopper Slayer: Kill Perfect Chopper.
    Practice Makes Perfect: Reach lvl 6 in Bare Hands with Benoit.
    Progressive Gamer: Complete 6+ quests.
    Quest God: All quests completed.
    Rampage: Kill 1000+ enemies with The Bear.
    Saloooooo: 600+ hits with Salome's Hands.
    Sherlock Learned From Me: Complete the game fully (all quests, secret rooms and animal kings).
    Shoo Slayer: Kill Shooking.
    Soil Slayer: Kill Soil of War.
    The Examiner: 150+ items found.
    The First Step: Play 1+ hour.
    The King Slain: Kill the King.
    Tons o' Tianas: Kill 15+ groups of Tianas during the second trial.
    Urchin Nation Slayer: Kill Urchin Nation.
    Weapons Slayer: Kill Kingdom of Weapons.
    Wolf-join-the-Gang: Recruit Wolfgang.
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