Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Deathwish Diva: You unlocked all of the GAME OVER content - See all the unique ways you can die.
    Face Your Fears: You succeeded in resisting the Scissorwalker - Enter a quick time event with the Scissorwalker when she draws near to you, and do not fail.
    Mystery: You have seen one HORROR - Seen one of the horrific things that happen.
    Mystery Of The Century: You have seen all of the HORROR content - Seen all of the horrific things.
    Mystery Of The Year: You have seen 50% of HORROR content - Seen half of all the horrific things.
    Passenger Victims: Find all three passenger lists.
    Rock Paper Scissors: You succeeded in chasing off the Scissorwalker - Fight back against the Scissorwalker with an item, like a fie exstinguisher.
    Sacrifice: You were saved by Angie - Have Angie die in chapter 3 by first finding her in the dressing room, then hiding behind the clothes when chased by the Sci.
    Suicidial Ideation: You experienced GAME OVER - See one of the unique ways you can die.
    The Nightmare Begins: You found an item - Gotten automatically by playing and clicking on an item to examine it.
    The Scissorwalker Appears: You encountered the Scissorwalker - Gotten automatically by playing.
    Those who have gained Eternity: You have seen all ENDINGs - See all eight endings to the game.
    Those who have gained Finality: You have seen 4 ENDINGs - See four of the eight endings to the game.
    Those who have seen the END: You have seen one ENDING - See one of the eight endings to the game.
    To Wish To Die: You unlocked 50% of GAME OVER content - See half of the unique ways you can die.
    Welcome to NightCry: You arrived at a Dead End - Die once.
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