Pandora: First Contact

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Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press [Enter] to display the chat window. Then, type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
All technologies /add Technology all
All units /add Units all
Add specific technology /add Technology [name]
Full map /reveal Map

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A New Earth: Kill all native aliens on Pandora.
    All The Nobels: Win a research victory.
    Another Glorious Day In The Corps: As James Heid, clear a hive before native aliens turn aggressive.
    Another Green World: Win a game with Terra Salvum.
    Back To Earth: Eliminate a faction from Pandora.
    Calculated Move: As Eric Preston, forge an alliance with James Heid.
    CERN Around, Bright Eyes: Develop a city with more than 100 research per turn.
    Circumnavigation: Explore the whole planet.
    Clever Girls: Execute a flank attack.
    Closed The Box: Win a game on medium difficulty or higher.
    Colony Expanding: Build a second city.
    EVA-01: Build a Titan Mech.
    Farm Belt: Develop a city to produce more than 100 food per turn.
    Fishing With Dynamite: Sink a Transport with a Bombardment operation.
    For Great Science!: Win a game with Togra University.
    Friends Like These: Forge an alliance with another faction.
    Glass Cannon: Build or refit an artillery tank with the Assault Tactics Tweaker device and no armor.
    God Bless The NHS: Build or refit a trooper with the Healing and Universal Maintenance device.
    Here Comes Skynet: Enter the Mechanization Era.
    Hey, Big Spender: Purchase 200 production items.
    I Am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds: Build a nuclear launch center.
    I Hear You Got A Bug Problem Ma'am?: Clear 100 hives.
    I Survived Pandora And All I Got Was This Achievement: Win a game on very hard difficulty and very high alien aggression.
    If I Had A Hammer: Add a device to a unit design.
    If You Want Peace ...: Declare war on another faction.
    It Belongs In A Museum!: Explore 100 ruins.
    Just An Obstacle: Win a game on very high alien aggression.
    Kinetic Bombardment: Damage 3 or more units with a single operation.
    Limit Break: Kill an Aspidoch.
    Little Big Victory: Win a game on a small size world or smaller.
    Master Of All Trades: Achieve every victory type.
    Master of Pandora: Win a game on hard difficulty or higher.
    Mercenary Kings: Win a game with Imperium.
    Metropolis: Develop a city with more than 100 production per turn.
    Mini-Me: As Yun Xi, produce a Replicant Factory building.
    Money Talks: Win an economic victory.
    No Man Is An Island: Convert an Aspidoch to your side.
    No Points For Neutrality: Win a military victory.
    Non-Signatory To The International Whaling Convention: Kill a Leviathan.
    Not The Gubernator: Have unrest in a city.
    Nu Dillydale: Develop a city with more than 10 morale.
    Nu Eldorado: Develop a city to produce more than 100 minerals per turn.
    On The Trading Floor: Use the planetary market.
    Only Zerglings Go To Heaven: As Lilith Vermillion, produce 5 troopers before turn 18.
    Planned Economy: Reassign population tasks.
    Progress Waits For No One: As Alpheus Schreiber, explore 4 ruins before turn 24.
    Razing The Stakes: Destroy an enemy city.
    Rolled The Dice: Start a game on random alien aggression, difficulty, world size and shape.
    Royal Rumble: Start a multiplayer game with the drop-in option enabled.
    Satellite Rain: Deploy an operation.
    Science In Action: Complete a project.
    Siege Centurion: Capture 100 enemy cities.
    Singin' in the Rain: Use a Spitter unit against a Hive.
    Sir, Yes, Sir!: Promote 5 or more units with a single Field Training operation.
    Standard Boring Triumph: Win a game on a medium size world.
    Staring Into The Abyss: Build a black hole generator.
    Starmaker: Explore an observatory.
    Stayin' Alive: Win a multiplayer game.
    The Bellboy: Change ground elevation.
    The Big Bug Hunter: Win without losing any units to aliens on medium alien aggression or higher.
    The Bigger They Are: Win a game on a large size world or larger.
    The Choke's On You: Build a Fort on a choke point.
    The Constant Gardinier: As Vivian Gardinier, produce or refit a unit with the Deadlock Elusion Field device.
    The Gentle Giant: Convert a Leviathan to your side.
    The Orni's Reporting Wormsign: Build or refit an aircraft with the Sonic Environment Evaluation device.
    The Promised Land: Win a game with Divine Ascension.
    The Rok: Win a game on very hard difficulty.
    The Rule Of One: Win a game with Solar Dynasty.
    The Ultimate Survivalist: Win without losing any units to aliens on very high alien aggression.
    There Is No Spoon: Enter the Transcendence Era.
    There's Gold In Them Thar Hills: Reassign city territory acquisition.
    Time For The IPO: Win a game with Noxium Corporation.
    Top Of The World, Ma: Attain maximum rank with a unit.
    Trouble Incoming: Native aliens turn aggressive.
    True Friends Stab You In The Front: Finish a multiplayer game.
    Turn Around, Bright Eyes: Convert a native alien to your side.
    Unlocked Secret Level: Win a game with every faction.
    We Can Rebuild Him: Refit a unit.
    Wealth Over Work: Accumulate 1.000.000 credits across any number of playthroughs.
    Welcome To The Jungle: Win a game on high alien aggression or higher.
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