Playboy: The Mansion

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ

Corey Feldman Interview

Artsy Bunny Shirt

Publish Karmyn Chase on the cover in mission 5.

Barely There Plus

Sign Carmen Electra in mission 8.

Brass Bed

Successfully complete mission 9.

Bunny Back

Successfully complete mission 3.


Successfully complete the fund raiser for Operation Validation in mission 5.


Successfully complete mission 5.


Invite the agent to the special party in mission 4.


Do an intimate action with a woman in mission 3.

Leopard Flares

Have a Sexy Grotto Party for the Playmates in mission 7.

Massage Table

Publish an issue in mission 2.


Publish the Playboy Philosophy in mission 4.


Finding Ken Willard in mission 5.

Olivia's Hef

Successfully complete mission 4.

Plaid Skirt

Have the special parties for your staff, Playmates, and girlfriends in mission 7.

Playboy Mini

Get a high romantic relationship level between any woman and Markus Jacobski in mission 6.


Successfully complete mission 1.

Regency Chair

Successfully complete mission 8.

Regency End Table

Successfully complete mission 6.

Regency Rug

Successfully complete mission 11.

Regency Sofa

Successfully complete mission 10.

Retro Zip-Front

Have the two fighting staff members to reconcile in mission 4.

Roster Character Editor

Successfully complete Mission 2.

Shoulder Wrap

Get a high romantic relationship level between Builder Paris and Karmyn Chase in mission 6.

Stars 'n' Stripes

Get Ciro Burrow and Wendy Bigmoney together in mission 8.


Get two girlfriends in mission 3.

Ultra Extreme Dance

Publish Karmyn Chase on the cover in mission 5.

White Peek-a-Boo

Get Sandra Bellore or Penny Starks as your girlfriend in mission 8.


When you have a playmate do a centerfold. After you publish them, they can do an essay, cover shoot, or an interview. It is good to be their friend before publishing your magazine.

Better photoshoots

If you take a picture of a girl while she is winking (so that the picture has one eye closed), it will boost your photoshoot. Additionally, variety is the key to a great photoshoot. Get pics both on and off the bet, couch, or prop. Get some clothed and some topless. Get objects in as many pictures as possible. Get as many winks and raised eyebrows as possible. Also, fit them in the picture both close and far off.

Pose and variety have absolutely no bearing on a photoshoot whatsoever. If you want a good photoshoot, introduce the model to your photographer and make sure they become friends. Then, do your photoshoot. The same goes for interviewees and your journalist. You will get a better interview if they are friends.

To get a good photoshoot, you must do two things. Least importantly, have the photographer talk to the model. Second, wait until the girl stops moving. Make sure she is in frame and when she poses snap only one picture. End the photoshoot. As long as she is not a dog you should get four and a half to five stars.

Increase Charm

To increase the Charm of people, have them follow you to a mirror and tell them to "Use". Repeat this several times.

Increase Intelligence

Get your journalist to follow you. Take them up to a bookshelf and tell them to "Use". Repeat this many times. Eventually you will have increase their Intelligence. This also works with everyone in the game. Additionally, just like how you can raise your photographers and writers intellect by making them follow you and telling them to use bookshelves, you can also do for Hef. His intelligence will also rise, but it sometimes will not work for the different bookshelves.

Enter to the upstairs office with a writer. Make them write an article about anything using the desk. This will increase their Intelligence. If you have purchased the better desk, it will increase faster. Note: Remain with them while they are writing the article.

Increase Physique

Have your Playmate follow you to a piece of sports equipment. Tell them to "Use". Repeat this several times. Eventually they will have a high Physique. This also works on everyone in the game.

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