Prince Of Qin

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Getting Zhao Qian

Play the game until Chapter 2, then go back to the place you began at, Zhaocun Village. Zhao Qian, a hunter, a woodsman, and Qin Soldiers will be there. The Qin Soldiers are destroying the village because Fu Su was there. When the intermission sequence ends, you will have to fight. Note: If you have a Muscleman (preferably Kong Gang), Wizard (preferably Liao Yi), and a Witch (preferably Chunyu Qiu) in your party, this fight will be easier. Have your Muscleman and Fu Su take out the close combat soldiers and have your Wizard have Cure Diseases set to the right-click. When your Muscleman and Fu Su or anyone else gets hurt badly, you can heal them. Also have your Witch have Gold Worm Bite or any attack spell set to the right-click. Keep Zhao Qian alive; if she dies you cannot get her on your team.

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