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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    28 Days Later: Go 28 days without a tenant moving out.
    Aestheticly Pleased: Unlock all upgrades in the Aesthetics track.
    Apartment Awareness: Run each media campaign in the Apartments track.
    Artfully Done: Place an artwork.
    Artistic Largesse: Have all of the large artworks in one bulding.
    Baron of Business: Reached $1,000,000 in cash.
    Boutique Benefits: Move in a luxury store.
    Campaign Launch: Launch a media campaign.
    Careful Constructor: Built a 50-story building.
    Cashflow Chief: Reached $50,000 in daily revenues.
    Commercial Campaigns: Run each media campaign in the Retail and Restaurant track.
    Curated Class: Have all of the medium artworks in one building.
    Decorator's Touch: Have all of the small artworks in one building.
    Delegate Maintenance: Renovate all units in need of repair from the maintenance office.
    Destination Destiny: Have 100 visitors from the city in one day.
    Dinner Dash: Move in a restaurant that serves dinner.
    Don't Feel a Loan: Take and fully repay a loan.
    Emporium Empire: Have 15 stores in one building.
    Established Fame: Achieve prestige of 20.
    Experimential Experience: Play a game with a mod.
    First 100 Days: Have a tenant rent for 100 days.
    Floor Galore: Have a building with 500 tiles.
    Get Electrified: Have a building using 200 electricity connections.
    Glut of Gastronomy: Complete the Glut of Gastronomy contract.
    Golden Opportunity: Earn a gold medal finish in one scenario.
    Grime is Not Good: Renovate a unit in need repair.
    Happy Tenants: Have 200 happy tenants in one building.
    I'm Busy Ruling: Unlock all upgrades in the Politics track.
    In the Black: Rent revenues exceed daily expenses.
    Infrastructure Info: Run each media campaign in the Infrastructure track.
    It is Payday: Reached $200,000 in daily revenues.
    It's a Gas: Have a building using 100 gas connections.
    It's Technical: Move in a tech office.
    Leveled Up Shops: Have a two-floor store.
    Loft Life: Complete the Loft Life contract.
    Lofty Landlord: Have a building with more than 300 apartment residents.
    Lux Living: Move in a luxury apartment tenant.
    Luxury Boutiques: Complete the Luxury Boutiques contract.
    Master of Puppets: Reached 500 population.
    Maximum Reuse: Have a recycling room fill to 100% capacity.
    Meet ADA/360: Review every report in the ADA/360 report system.
    Meet Me at HQ: Move in a headquarters office.
    Mod Squad: Download a mod.
    Need a Consult: Move in a consultant's office.
    Office Bigwigs: Complete the Office Bigwigs contract.
    Office Ovation: Run each media campaign in the Office track.
    Penthouse in the Sky: Move in a luxury loft apartment.
    People Mover: Reached 250 population.
    Phoning It In: Have a building using 200 phone connections.
    Pipe Up: Have a building using 200 water connections.
    Plaza Plan: Place an outdoor plaza.
    Plebs Are Needed: Have a building with more than 500 office workers.
    Potent Potables: Move in a restaurant with a bar.
    Profound Proceeds: Reached $50,000 in daily profits.
    Proper Walls: Decorate a bare wall with fancy wallpaper.
    Refined Palates: Have 20 restaurants functioning in one building.
    Rehab Expert: Have an expanded maintenance office.
    Retail Revenue: Have 10 stores make a profit in one day in the same building.
    Revenue Royalty: Reached $100,000 in daily revenues.
    Scenario Master: Earn a gold medal in ten scenarios.
    Scenario Success: Earn a gold medal in five scenarios.
    Sky High Stature: Achieve prestige of 50.
    Smooth Operator: Unlock all upgrades in the Operations track.
    Smooth Service: Have 250 successful service calls in a day.
    Starred Dining: Move in a gourmet restaurant.
    Starting Skyward: Built five floors above ground.
    Statue Stature: Have all four statues outside one building.
    Such Great Heights: Build a 100-story building.
    Swimming in Surplus: Reached $25,000 in daily profits.
    Tasty Profits: Have 10 restaurants make a profit in one day in the same building.
    Terrifically Trashed: Have a trashroom fill to 100% capacity.
    Thrilled Tenants: Have 50 very happy tenants in one building.
    Tuned In: Have a building using 100 cable TV connections.
    Under One Roof: Have a building with 2,500 tiles.
    Upgrade Unlock: Unlock a consultant upgrade.
    Water Features: Have four fountains in one building.
    We Don't Need No Education: Complete all the tutorial levels.
    Your Prestige is Rising: Achieve prestige of 10.
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