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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    And Stay Out: Get kicked out.
    Changing of the Guard: Helped Ms. Clay become principal.
    Cheater!: Get caught cheating on an exam.
    Chosen: Gave powers to everyone.
    Controlled!: Controlled the Vinculum.
    Crowning Glory: Be king or queen of the prom.
    Curtains!: Destroy the Drama Club play.
    Dangerous Game: Pretended to be brainwashed.
    Destroyed!: Destroyed the Vinculum.
    Drained: Destroyed the Nexus.
    Dreams Come True: Go out with your longtime crush.
    For Their Own Good: Left the model citizens.
    Free Your Mind: Saved the model citizens.
    Front Page News: Go out with a journalist.
    Governor: Helped elect Governor Pierce.
    Ill Gotten Gains: Sold drugs.
    Just The Way You Are: Left Kingsport as it was.
    Kid Next Door: Go out with your best friend.
    Leader Of The Pack: Go out with a rebel.
    Model Citizen: Became a model citizen.
    Most Athletic: Win the Kingsport Athlete Award.
    Most Likely To Succeed: Win the Kingsport Scholar Award.
    No Small Roles: Get a small part in the Drama Club play.
    Party All The Time: Stay until the end of the party.
    Prom-Posal: Make a romantic prom-posal.
    Rising Tide: Drew on the magic of the tidepool.
    Stag Night: Go solo to the prom.
    Steady Paycheck: Get a job.
    Stronger!: Enhanced the Vinculum.
    The Show Must Go On: Make the Drama Club play a success.
    There Once Was A Teen: Write a terrible limerick.
    Tidepool: Find the tidepool.
    To Catch A Thief: Find who stole the iPhone.
    Trainwreck!: Have a horrible public breakup.
    Triple Date: Go out with three people at once.
    Under Arrest: Get arrested.
    You're a Star!: Get the lead in the Drama Club play.
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