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Cheat Codes

Add the "+set com_allowconsole 1" command line parameter to end of the "Target" field in the "Shortcut" properties that are used to launch the game. While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Additionally, these codes may only work on the unpatched version of the game.

Alternately, if you are using Steam, Right-click the "Rage" option at the Steam control panel, and select "Properties" under the "My Games" tab. In the General tab, select "Set Launch Options", enter "+set com_allowconsole 1" in that field, and accept it. While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Toggle God mode cvarAdd g_permaGodMode [0 or 1]
Toggle infinite ammunition cvarAdd g_infiniteAmmo [0 or 1]
Toggle infinite vehicle boost cvarAdd vehicle_infiniteboost [0 or 1]
Toggle no damage to vehicles cvarAdd vehicle_god [0 or 1]
All items cost $1 cvarAdd g_vendorSalePriceScale -1
Disable gore cvarAdd g_EnableGore -1

Easy money

In Subway Town, you can purchase rotating deals from Stew. Sometimes you are able to purchase items at a discount that can immediately be sold at Jani's Supplies for a higher price. For example, Stew will sell you Viper Rockets for $66, which you can sell to Jani for $75. Repeat this as much as desired.

Picking up distant items with a scope

Equip your pistol, and aim at an item with the scope (monocular). As you let go of [Aim/Zoom], tap [Pick Up] quickly and repeatedly. If done correctly, you should pick up the item and have it in your inventory. This glitch also works on dead guards. Note: This glitch was done on an unpatched version of the game.

Hidden Doom room

In the Gearhead Vault, you must interact with seven different computer keyboards in the office where you fight the two Gearhead Bosses. There is no prompt to interact with the keyboards, but you will hear a sound from Doom with each successful activation, and a Doom demon growl sound after all seven are activated. After all seven keyboards have been pressed, go back towards the Gearhead Vault's exit (beginning of the level). Open the door, and jump on top of the barrel to your left. Jump on top of the box in front of the door, and crouch to enter. Inside is a platform that will teleport you to the secret Doom room, with a Marine Bobblehead item that can be sold for $150.

Hidden Quake room

After completing all missions related to the Wasted Garage location, enter the Wasted Garage from the fifth floor Radio Tower entrance, and go down to the fourth floor. There are three buttons you must activate. In a room near the staircase to the fifth floor is a red workbench. Crouch down beside it, and press [Interact] to activate the first button. There is no prompt for the buttons, but you will hear a sound from Quake when you activate a button. The second button is in a small room on the third floor. Under a filing cabinet in the corner of the room is the button. It is hard to see, but you can activate it by crouching down and squeezing up against the right wall. The final button is on the second floor, beneath a nightstand drawer and past where you retrieved the Distributor Cap from the vehicle. It can also be activated by crouching down and pressing [Interact]. Once all three buttons have been pressed, go to the dead end stairwell on the second floor, and enter the activated portal near the mattress with the Quake graffiti to reach the secret Quake room. Inside the secret room is the Shambler Plush item, which can be sold for $150.

Hidden Wolfenstein room

During the first mission ("Ghost Hideout"), after you are ambushed and have to use the defibrillator to revive yourself, enter the next area, and kill all the enemies. Find the flat screen TV (opposite to where you go to progress), and stand to the right of it in the corner. Press [Interact] to open a hidden door to the secret Wolfenstein room. There is no text prompt to interact with the door. Inside the secret room is the Wolf Goblet item, which can be sold for $150. Note: You cannot access this room after completing the mission, as the area will be closed off.

Playing Card locations

Search the indicated locations to find all hidden Playing Cards:

    Adv. Sentry Bot: In the Gearhead Vault, in the backseat of a car near the exit in the parking garage.
    Authority Mutant: In Subway Town, beside the dead mutant in Elizabeth's lab, in the Resistance Base.
    Captain Marshall: In the Authority Prison, in a closet behind a locked door after breaking Captain Marshall out.
    Crazy Joe: In the Wasteland, on a workbench in Crazy Joe's shack.
    Cupino: The reward for winning the Cupino in Wellspring.
    Dagger Thrower: In the Wasteland, at the Dam, near the Wasted Garage exit. Reach the Dam facility along the small concrete path above the exit.
    Dan Hagar: In the Wasteland, on the nightstand beside the bed in Dan's Gas Station.
    Drone: In Dead City Central, on the coffee table in the hospital lobby, under the escalator. It is available during your second trip.
    Drop Mine: In The Well, after the long passage with the concrete pillars, there is a ladder on your left that leads to some supplies.
    Drop Ship: In the Authority Prison, inside the crate that Captain Marshall pulls his rifle out of after you rescue him.
    Dune Buster: The reward for completing Durar's Time Trial in the Wasteland.
    Dyno-Mutant: In the Blue Line Station, during the Evicition Notice job, on the second floor of the Guacamolito restaurant.
    Elite Guard: In the Wasteland, behind some boxes on the Authority Bridge.
    Elizabeth: In Wellspring, on the stairs where you meet Captain Marshall and Elizabeth in the Second Chance Bar.
    EMP Grenade: In the Authority Prison, after the fight in Cellblock E, go up the stairs to find it on the shelf to your right in the corner.
    Enforcer: In the Wasteland, on the ground near the pipe entrance to Dead City.
    Gearhead Boss: In the Power Plant, in a filing cabinet in the office above the control room.
    Gearhead Jet: In the Gearhead Vault, in the office after leaving the vault and going up the curved staircase.
    Gearhead Shotgun: In the Gearhead Vault, on the planter to the right, in the bank lobby.
    Ghost Bonestick: In the Ghost Hideout, during the "Missing Person" job, on the first floor of the hideout where the tortured girl is, on a wooden barrier.
    Ghost Boss: In the Ghost Hideout, on the floor, under a table beside a doorway in the Atrium on the first floor.
    Ghost Pistol: In the Ghost Hideout, during the "Missing Person" job, behind a locked door on the hideout's first floor.
    Giant Mutant: In the Authority Prison, inside the hole in the corridor's left side wall, before reaching the first security turret.
    HE Grenades: In the Wasteland, on top of the barrel next to Becky, in the Hagar Settlement.
    Jackal Club: In Jackal Canyon, in the shack where you open the gate to enter the canyon.
    Jackal Crossbow: In Jackal Canyon, in a small alcove to the left, after entering the canyon, near some Dynomite Bolts and Beer Bottles.
    Janus Outrigger: In the Wasteland, on the couch next to Janus, in the Outrigger Settlement.
    JK Stiles: The reward for completing an episode of Mutant Base TV inside Mutant Bash TV Studio.
    Kraken: In Dead City Streets, on the floor, in the blood filled alcove where the tentacle mutant spawned.
    Large Mutant: In Dead City Streets, enter the supply room through the drain pipe close to where you fought the launcher mutant, and destroy the barricade with an RC Car to open the door.
    Loosum Hagar: In the Wasteland, on a rock outside Dan's Garage, in the Haggar Settlement.
    Monarch: In the Wasteland, on the ground near the entrance to the Power Plant.
    Portman: In the Wasteland, on the right side of the cave before entering the Abandoned Distillary.
    Power Supply: In the Authority Prison, on a shelf beside a Hardware Packet, after disabling the first generator and passing through the security barrier.
    RC Bomb Car: In the Shrouded Bunker, above the RC Bomb Car's hole, near the bunker's enterance.
    Rikter Outrigger: In the Wasteland, near the ladder in the Radio Tower shack.
    Sally: The reward for destroying a bandit vehicle for Sally in Wellspring at the Second Chance Bar.
    Scoop Mutant: In Mutant Bash TV Studio, on a crate on the left side of the corridor, after surviving the final arena.
    Sentry Bot: In the Wasteland, on the ground next to the Stanley Express Mailbox, before going across the bridge to Dr. Kvasir's lab.
    Sentry Turret: In the Wasteland, on a chair in the dead end room of the concrete building, near the Wasted Garage and Radio Tower.
    Shield Guard: In the Authority Prison, after splitting up from Captain Marshall and before exiting the prison, in a closet room on the right side of the corridor.
    Shrouded AR: In the Shrouded Bunker, on a shelf near the elevator, after the atrium battle.
    Shrouded Heavy: In the Shrouded Bunker, in a pipe above the top floor of the workshop beside the second bomb cache.
    Shrouded Minigun: In the Wasteland, in the blue shipping container, after the Feltrite Refinery.
    Slime Mutant: In Dead City Central, on a table near the shop in the mall where you enter by exploding the gas tanks.
    Valder: In The Well, while Valder is attempting to open the gate to the final area, go down the dead end tunnel.
    Wasted Club: In the Wasted Garage, on the floor of the dead end stairwell on the third floor.
    Wasted Pistol: In the Wasted Garage, in a box under the second floor stairs.
    Wasted Turret: In the Wasted Garage, near the Piston Assembly on the shelf, after defeating the Wasted Clan's Boss.

Blake Griffin Bobblehead

The Blake Griffin Bobblehead can be found on Mayor Redstone's desk on the top floor of Subway Town. There was an ad campaign where Blake Griffin of the LA Clippers campaigned to get himself into Rage. You can sell it for $150 dollars.

Doom Bobblehead

There is a Doom Bobblehead in Dan Hagar's buggy. However, you cannot collect it.

Fallout 3 Bobblehead

A Vault Boy Bobblehead can be found in the Wellspring Mayor's Office. This is a reference to Fallout 3. You can sell it for $150 dollars.

Breaking Bad reference

Search the holding cell in the sheriff's building in Wellspring. You can find the cube that was presented to Hank Schrader with Tuco's "Grill" in it on the shelf across from the prisoners.

Doom 3 reference

Go northwest of Mutant Bash TV Studio, and up a hill to find Crazy Joe's place by a swamp (with Night Blossoms in it). You will see a hermit named Crazy Joe wearing a Doom 3 t-shirt.

Easy "Dev Graffiti" achievement

Once you reach Subway Town, behind Jani's Supplies is a NPC named Dietrich. He will ask you to go on a quest to the Abandoned Distillery. The secret "Developer Graffiti" room is located in that area. The room has developer signatures and other graffiti, including artwork shaped into an "Id" symbol. Note: You can only access the room during this mission. After completing the mission, the area will be closed off.

Easy "It's Good!" achievement

While on the ATV, go to the following three locations, and ram the ATV into the indicated barrier to fly off it and go through the field goal to get the "It's Good!" achievement. The first field goal is found at the Ark Emergence site. The second is located to the far west, past the Bash TV Studio. The third is located near the Northern Watch Tower. Make sure you are careful going to this location, as enemies can kill you quickly with rockets.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A True Legend: Complete a Legend of the Wasteland on Nightmare difficulty.
    Anthology: Complete all Legends of the Wasteland.
    Arts and Crafts: Construct 10 engineering items.
    Bringin' Home the Bacon: Earn 750 Dollars in one episode of Bash TV in the Campaign.
    Debunked: Complete Shrouded Bunker in the Campaign.
    Decapathon: Get 10 Headshot kills with the Wingstick.
    Decrypted: Complete Jackal Canyon in the Campaign.
    Deliverance: Complete the final round of Strum.
    Demolition Man: Destroy 100 enemy cars.
    Dev Graffiti: Find the secret Developer Graffiti Room.
    Fresh Meat: Complete a public Road RAGE match.
    Ghost Buster: Complete Ghost Hideout in the Campaign.
    Gladiator: Complete Mutant Bash TV in the Campaign.
    Gotta Have 'Em All: Collect all Playing Cards on one play-through.
    Hardest Deck: Beat teague's hardest deck.
    Hat Trick: Kill at least 3 Enemies with a single Mind Controlled Enemy.
    Hey, not too rough: Finish the Campaign on any difficulty.
    Hurt me plenty: Finish the Campaign on at least Normal difficulty.
    It's Alive!: Complete Dead City in the Campaign.
    It's Good!: Score each of the 3 Field Goals from the ATV.
    Jackpot!: Roll 4 Targets in the first round of Tombstones.
    Jail Break: Complete Authority Prison in the Campaign.
    Jetpacker: Kill an Authority Enforcer during Jetpack descent.
    Jumper: Perform all 18 Vehicle Jumps.
    Just a Flesh Wound: Complete the final round of 5 Finger Filet.
    Keep 'Em Coming: Get 5 kills with one deployed sentry turret.
    Lead Foot: Win a Race in the Campaign.
    Master Chef: Collect all Recipes and Schematics in one play-through.
    Mechanocide: Kill 100 Enemies with Sentry Bots, Sentry Turrets, or RC Bomb Cars.
    Minigamer: Win all Minigames.
    Mr. Oddjob: Complete 5 Job Board Quests in one play-through.
    Mutie Blues: Complete Blue Line Station in the Campaign.
    Mvp: Get first place in a public Road RAGE match.
    No Room for Sidekicks: Complete a Legend of the Wasteland without any player(s) becoming incapacitated.
    Obsessive Compulsive: Reach 100% Completion in the Campaign.
    Open Minded: Get 10 Headshot kills with the Sniper Rifle.
    Passive Aggressive: Get 3 kills with a single sentry bot.
    Power Struggle: Complete Power Plant in the Campaign.
    Rage Cup: Win all Races in the Campaign.
    RAGE Nightmare: Finish the Campaign on Nightmare difficulty.
    Roadkill: Run over 10 Mutants.
    Silent But Deadly: Stealth kill 10 Enemies with the Striker Crossbow.
    The Legend Begins...: Complete a Legend of the Wasteland.
    Three Birds, One Bomb Car: Kill 3 Enemies with one RC Bomb Car.
    Tinkerer: Construct 50 engineering items.
    Ultra-violence: Finish the Campaign on at least Hard difficulty.
    Vault Assault: Complete Gearhead Vault in the Campaign.
    Waste Management: Complete Wasted Garage in the Campaign.
    Wellness Plan: Complete The Well in the Campaign.
    ytiC daeD: Complete Dead City Reverse in the Campaign.
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