Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

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Level select

At the mission selection screen, enable the "unlock all" code. Click on another mode (for example, "Practice", "Terrorist Hunt", etc.) for the unlocked levels to begin appearing.

Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Level selectunlock all
Invincibility for playergod
Invincibility for teamgodteam
Invincibility for terroristsgodterro
Invincibility for hostagesgodhostage 1
Invincibility for hostages disabledgodhostage 2
Activates all the god modesgodall
Full ammunitionfullammo
Toggle third person viewbehindview [0 or 1]
Flight modeghost
Disable flight modewalk
Record demo of current game demorec [filename]
Stops demo recordingstopdemo
Play indicated demodemoplay [filename]
Mission objectives are updated; game never endstoggleunlimitedpractice
Walk through other actorstogglecollision
View threat informationtogglethreatinfo
Neutralize all terroristsneutralizeterro
Disarm all bombsdisarmbombs
Deactivate IO devices (phones, laptop, etc.)deactivateiodevice
Rescue all hostagesrescutehostage
Disable morality rules disablemorality
Call all terrorists to your location callterro
Toggle player detection by terrorists playerinvisible
All terrorists surrender on sight tsurrender
Terrorists shoot wildly when they see you tsprayfire
All terrorists aim and fire at you taimedfire
All terrorists run away from you trunaway
All terrorists return to original no threat state tnothreat
See where all terrorists have spawned on map rendspot
Toggle hostage threat information togglehostagethreat
Set the hostage position (0 for standing, 1 for kneeling, 2
for prone, 3 for fetal, 4 for crouched, 5 for random
sethpos [0-5]
Reset hostages threat resetthreat
Play next hostage animation hna
Play previous hostage animation hpa
Play animation of hostage (0 for no loop, 1 for looping) hp [0 or 1]
Show field of view of all actorsshowfov
Show weapon direction of all actorsgundirection
Show where terrorists and hostages have moved on map route
Show all routes that terrorists and hostages take routeall
Kill and remove all NPCskillthemall
Kill and remove all terrorists killterro
Kill and remove all hostages killhostage
Kill all Rainbow operatives killrainbow
Kill and remove opponentskillpawns
Game modessgi
Rainbow Six version multi-player moderainbowskill
All enemies will attack (music)pago
Resets all cheatsresetmeall
Quit gamequit

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