Ravaged: Zombie Apocalypse


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Another Zombie Bites the Dust: 50 Kills: AN94.
    Army of Darkness: Complete All maps once with 2 or more players: Medium.
    Avenger: Avenge your last death.
    Base Jumping: Fall at least 500 feet.
    Big Air: Jump over 100 feet in the air with a vehicle.
    Boomstick: Kill 3 or more zombies with a soda bomb or mortar round.
    Capture King: Get the Resource to 10 Checkpoints.
    Crackin Skulls: 100 Kills: Crowbar.
    Death from Above: Kill an enemy from the gyrocopter or little bird.
    Dogfight: Kill an enemy from the gyrocopter or little bird.
    Double-Kill: Kill two enemies at once.
    Early Exit: First death of the match.
    Escaped Asylum: Escaped Asylum.
    Escaped Canyon: Escaped Canyon.
    Escaped Chasm: Escaped Chasm.
    Escaped Dustbowl: Escaped Dustbowl.
    Escaped Liberty: Escaped Liberty.
    Executioner: At least 30 kills in a match.
    Frenzy: Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying.
    Fresh Meat: First kill of the match.
    GasMan: Collect 50 Gas Cans.
    Hail Mary: Kill an enemy with an explosive from 400 yards or more.
    Hardcore Asylum: Finished Asylum on Hard.
    Hardcore Canyon: Finished Canyon on Hard.
    Hardcore Chasm: Finished Chasm on Hard.
    Hardcore Dustbowl: Finished Dustbowl on Hard.
    Hardcore Liberty: Finished Liberty on Hard.
    Headshot: Boom!.
    Heavy Metal: 100 Kills: Sledgehammer.
    Hit Streak: Kill 5 enemies in a row with the spiked bat.
    Hittin' Dingers: Kill an enemy with the spiked bat.
    Hoarder: Save 5 resources in one round.
    Holy Head Shot: 500 Zombie Headshots.
    Junker: Destroy 5 enemy vehicles.
    Master Blaster: Have the highest KDR in the match.
    Medic!!!: 25 Revives.
    Middle Man: Complete all maps once solo: Medium.
    MVP: Highest point total in the match.
    Nutshot: Shoot an enemy where it counts.
    Organ Donor: 200 Kills: 50cal HMG.
    Paint and Spray: 50 Kills: Uzi.
    Piece of Cake: Complete all maps once solo: Easy.
    PointMan: Most assists in the match.
    Quadruple-Kill: Kill four enemies at once.
    Rampage: Kill 25 enemies in a row without dying.
    Ravaged Chainsaw Massacre: 50 Kills: Chainsaw.
    Ravaged of the Dead: Finish each map 5 times.
    Resource Runner: Get the Resource to Final Checkpoint.
    Road Rage: Run someone down with the vehicle.
    Run For Your Life: Complete all maps once solo: Hard.
    Scar Tissue: 50 Kills: SCAR- L.
    Skull Collector: Most headhsots in a match.
    Slaughter: Kill five enemies at once.
    Sterilization: 10 nut shots in one match.
    The Impaler: 100 Kills: Harpoon Gun.
    Til Death Do Us Part: Complete All maps once with 2 or more players: Easy.
    Time to Nut up or Shut Up!: Complete All maps once with 2 or more players: Hard.
    Tragic Accident: 100 Zombies Ran Over.
    Triple-Kill: Kill three enemies at once.
    Tycoon: Capture the resource 3 times in one match.
    Victory: Winning always feels good.
    What the... ?: Kill an enemy with the soda bomb.
    Zombie Pacifier: 50 Kills: MP5.
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