Rebel Galaxy

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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A New Friend: Woke Trell.
    A Pirate's Life: Pirate a merchant.
    Antimatter Speck: Find an Antimatter Speck.
    Bounty Hunter: Collect 10 bounties.
    Capital Breaker: Destroy 100 Capital-Class Craft.
    Capital Smasher: Destroy 1,000 Capital-Class Craft.
    Card-Carrying Member: Join the Merchant's Guild.
    Cold Hard Cash: Reach a Net Worth of 5 Million Credits.
    Deadeye: Destroy 2,500 Fighter-Class Craft.
    Destroyer: Purchase a Destroyer-class ship.
    Dreadnaught: Purchase a Dreadnaught-class ship.
    Dusted And Done: Complete the main campaign.
    Feared Bounty Hunter: Collect 100 bounties.
    Filthy Lucre: Reach a Net Worth of 50 Million Credits.
    Good Samaritan: Rescue 20 merchants.
    Gozu: Find the Face of Gozu.
    Hardcore Hacker: Hack 10 transponders successfully.
    Jumper: Jump out of the first solar system.
    Membership Has Its Privileges: Join the Mercenaries' Guild.
    Miner 49'er: Mine 50 asteroids using a Fault Tracker.
    Old Hand: Reach rank 5 in any Guild.
    On The Go: Trade with a Merchant while in flight.
    Pirate Hunter: Kill 1 Pirate Lord.
    Pirate Killer: Kill 20 Pirate Lords.
    Progenitor Shard: Find a Progenitor Shard.
    Salvage Job: Salvage 50 Containers.
    Side Jobs: Complete 50 missions from the mission board.
    Siege Breaker: Break 10 blockades.
    Siege Buster: Break 1 blockade.
    Skull And Crossbones: Become neutral to pirate factions.
    Some Muscle: Hire a mercenary.
    Sure Shot: Destroy 250 Fighter-Class Craft.
    Sweet New Ride: Purchase a new ship.
    The Brass: Become friendly to the Militia.
    Torpedo Buster: Shoot down 500 torpedoes.
    Tractor Pull: Gather 200 objects with a tractor beam.
    Under The Table: Successfully bribe a Militia official.
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