Anthony Williams is not your typical hero. He's a homeless streetperson, wandering the burrows of L.A. Some would say he's a little "whacko". Actually it was the developers who said that - don't label me politically incorrect. I don't think all streetpeople are nuts. Anyone who doesn't spend all day surfing the internet is all right in my books.

Due to circumstances beyond his control, Anthony finds himself a reluctant savior to those around him whom he couldn't care less about but who desperately need him to save their lives. It's Bad Day L.A., the tongue in cheek free-roaming action adventure from American McGee.

This paricular Bad Day, is a really, messed up, end of the world kind of bad day. Think terrorist attacks, zombies, earthquake, South Central gang war and top it off with a Tsunami. Not quite as bad as giving Richard Simmons a spongebath, but pretty dang close.

Fans of Comedy Central's Chappelle Show will delight in the news that American McGee has fashioned his protoganist after the popular comedian. It would be wonderful if Chappelle did the voicework for Anthony Williams, but we're thinking that might be out of the dollars and cents range at this point.

During his adventure, Williams will team up 4 other buddy characters including a kid who can't stop puking (and this "ability" comes in handy) as well as a Mexican immigrant gardner who wields a nasty chainsaw. We hear it works wonders on the undead. He must have played Resident Evil 4.

The game will be extremely adult in nature in terms of language and violence, but the game as a whole is a commentary on the fear that is plaguing the US after the 911 terrorist attacks. If Reader's Digest has taught us anything - and it hasn't - Laughter IS the best medicine. Unless of course, you have cancer or HIV, then perhaps you might need actual treatment and something much less giggly to prelong your life.

So far we love the cel-shaded look and the irreverant nature of the story (any game that pits dobermans against a guy in a burger costume is worth a look) and can't wait to see more of Mr. Williams Bad Day.


  • A deep and comedic storyline that plays off the "fear culture"
    of modern America will satirize Los Angeles and disaster films as well as provide a wide variety of challenges and mission scenarios
  • Super-flat graphical art style developed by "Kozyndan," a highly
    acclaimed LA-based art team, will give the game an unmistakable and totally unique look and feel
  • Ten expansive game levels based on real-world Los Angeles
    neighborhoods, including Hollywood Boulevard, Venice Beach and Beverly Hills, will provide gamers with unique challenges and opportunities for combat that vary throughout the course of the game
  • An eclectic arsenal of both everyday and bizarre weaponry will
    allow the player to fight on with hard-hitting and sometimes humorous effects
  • Easy-to-learn, hard-to-master combat system will offer instant
    accessibility while demanding the player use street smarts and creativity to face down and defeat a potpourri of enemies, both human and otherwise
  • Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) system will feature
    non-player characters (NPCs) that experience a range of emotion such as rage, distress, terror and chemical influence
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System: Xbox, PC
Dev: Enlight Software
Pub: Enlight Software
Release: TBA 2006
Players: 1
Preview by Vaughn