Usually the name Square Enix has RPG fans quaking in their elf boots but lest we forget FFIX and its lackluster gameplay? Their upcoming MMORPG entitled Fantasy Earth: Ring of Dominion is the most ambitious online RPG yet and we can only hope Square Enix learned from their mistakes.

What has become somewhat standard practice in online RPGs, players will form an allegiance with one of the various nations of the land. Recently Square Enix revealed the warring factions to drooling fans as well as their history. The nations are: Netzawal, ruled by the Beast King Hyunkel; Elsord, ruled by the Wise King Naius Elsord; Holdein, ruled by the Lady General Wadriti Berkstein Holdein; and the Gebrand Empire, ruled by Raiel Ku'belda Gebrand. The sixth continent Esucetia is up for grabs so to speak and these 5 nations will go to war to decide who gets the spoils of this new land.

As is customary, once the player chooses his side he or she must then chose a class of warrior. There are currently seven classes to select from that we know of at this time: Warrior, Berserker, Shadow-walker, Hunter, Sorcerer, Priest, and Rune Blade. From there the players will be able to customize the look of the main character which will include seven different facial features, seven hairstyles, five different colrs for eyes and hair and five body types. Players will also have a selection of clothing depending on the class chosen. Personally that seems a little light in terms of options for a game that will support a multitude of players.

One of the recently revealed tactics that has gamers all over the net gasping is the ability to build one of eight varieties of fortresses if enough crystals are collected to do so. As they say "Location, location, location" is extremely important as the terrain will play an important part as to where to you build your fort. Square Enix has went on record saying that any type of fort can be built on any battle map. We have heard that it's also possible to destroy the competitions fort during construction which not only adds to the realism but also to the strategy.

Now the bad news / good news. Currently Fantasy Earth is scheduled to appear in Japan sometime in 2005 (expect it later rather than sooner) but there are no plans as of yet to localize the game outside of Asia. The good news is that Square Enix trademarked the title of the game in North America which means the option is open to do so at a later date.



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System: PC
Dev: Square Enix
Pub: Square Enix
Release: TBA 2005
Players: 1 - ?
Preview by Vaughn