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This one's not for the kids

by Matthew Walker

Rockstar and Disney Interactive shocked the world today when they announced they would be working together in the future. They went on to reveal the first title - Grand Theft Auto: Disneyworld. I will give you a minute as you readjust your eyes to the computer….are you back? That is pretty much the same reaction we had when the announcement came through. What's even more surprising is that many of the game's details were already available and I can assure you, the details will amaze you.

Grand Theft Auto: Disneyworld screenshot

The story of the game will have Tommy Vercetti returning to the franchise. Rockstar said that once Disney approached them with the idea, it only made sense to return Tommy to the franchise. Actor Ray Liota has expressed interest in reprising the role. Aside from cameos and small roles in other movies, his schedule appears to be open. When we last left Tommy, he had control over Vice City. Well, that piece of the Magic Kingdom was a big money maker for the mob boss just to the north of it, and the Mouse is upset, very upset. That is right. The mob boss you are going to have to take down this time around is none other than Disney's mascot - Mickey Mouse. When Disney was asked about the drastic contrast concerning Mickey and his friends, their only comment was that it was time the truth was known.

The game starts with Tommy in his mansion conducting "business" as usual when there is a knock on his door. Tommy's men escort the visitor in. After a few colorful phrases and a voice anyone can recall from childhood, we see that it is Donald Duck, and he is highly offended by Tommy's tone. What follows is considered the bloodiest video game sequence that has ever been shown. Once the carnage is over, only Tommy stands and the Duck tells him that this, indicating the house, belongs to his boss and that Tommy now belongs to the boss. Donald leaves, and Tommy sets out to follow him. One of your new allies stops Tommy, a young boy with really spiky hair, possibly Sora from Kingdom Hearts. The boy tells him that he must be prepared to take on the boss of the Magic Kingdom.

Rockstar say that the first quarter of the game will consist of Tommy learning everything there is about Mickey Mouse. Many of your missions will consist of stealing films Mickey has been in to study him and his crew. The game's system will actually be able to tell when you know enough about the Mouse in order to move on through the game. This way, every time you play through will be different. Once you do make the journey to the Magic Kingdom, your missions will change slightly. Your main goal will be to enter into the castle of the Don, but there will be missions aside from this. One revealed so far are jobs for Chip n' Dale, the mob informants. Each mission you complete for them will gain you more info on how to get in.

Grand Theft Auto: Disneyworld screenshot

There was even small talk about including online play for everyone that wants to take down the Mouse. Rockstar even mentioned that there will be episodic content specifically geared towards multiplayer options. Disney Interactive stepped in to say they were going to talk about giving the player the options of playing either as Tommy or the Mouse himself. This feature could be a bonus in this already weird game. The musical score to game is already being worked on, utilizing several Disney classics and remixing them to have that sinister mob overtone. If we are lucky, we might hear "It's a Small World" mixed to resemble the Godfather theme.

We have been shocked before. When Disney and Square Enix paired to bring us Kingdom Hearts we said there was no way that game would be good, but it was. Well, I feel pretty confident that no good can come of this game. Though it would be enjoyable to finally learn the truth about Mickey Mouse, as Disney put it. Either way, this will be disturbing on so many levels, and we will enjoy every minute of it. Who knows, maybe they will finally address the issue of why Goofy stands up and Pluto walks on all fours, only time will tell. Check back with us when the game releases next April 1st for our full review.

By Matthew Walker
CCC Freelance Writer


  • Control Tommy Vercetti once more as he takes on the Mouse from the Magic Kingdom.
  • Complete missions in the Magic Kingdom such as: dress as a mascot, operate the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride, and work at an overly priced fast food restaurant inside the park.
  • Learn the truth behind the Mouse.
  • Massive multiplayer options online and episodic content loaded with multiplayer option.

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