Justice is Served is the third installment of Law & Order, a point and click investigative adventure game based on the popular TV series. Fans of the show should not be without this game. It's like being in one of the episodes. Do you have what it takes to match wits with the criminal mind?

From the theme music (which Cole and Von both hate) to the voiceovers (many of which are supplied by the real actors), Justice is Served manages to convey a realistic Law & Order vibe. With Lenny Brisco as your partner you will help solve a murder and bring the perpetrator(s) to justice. Through the use of forensics, interviews, clues and your own personal intuition you will try to narrow the list of suspects. Then all of this information must be processed to build a case for the prosecution when the accused is brought to trial. You don't have to be a detective or a lawyer to play this game, you will get help on virtually every aspect of the investigation and the trial, if you want it.

Although Justice is Served only presents one case, it's well detailed and well written. As a bonus, you will also receive a copy of the first Law & Order game, Dead on the Money. We reviewed that one and it also gets high marks, making this a package that you shouldn't miss. Even if you're not a fan of the point and click adventure genre, Law & Order might just make a believer out of you. I can't think of a better way to present this game. If you're looking for an intelligent game steeped in realism then look no further.

A body of a woman is found in the woman's locker room by two bickering female tennis players. It turns out to be the body of a potential tennis star. We soon learn that there is a list of suspects with numerous motives including her pushy mother and her greedy agent.

Once you narrow down the list of suspects through interrogation, analysis of clues and psychological profiling, you can obtain a search warrant to look for more evidence. When you finally arrest a suspect the game changes course as you go to court in an attempt to pin the murder on the suspect with the case you've prepared based on evidence and witnesses testimony. Serena Southerlyn, ADA, is your partner for this segment of the game. The computer will give you as much information as you need but you have to know how to use this info properly to obtain a conviction.

There are some really interesting elements to this game. There are clues that come in the form of puzzles that warrant the use of your imagination. If you aren't familiar with the show or you have no real knowledge of crime solving or law enforcement techniques the game will be a great education for you. It's not difficult but it won't hold your hand unless you really want it to.

You will instantly recognize the characters in this game from the show. While some of the animation makes them look like jerky marionettes, the graphics for the most part are realistic. The interface is easy to use; it's logical and intuitive. It's short but it's great. The bonus game gives this package some replay value, as long as you haven't played it before because nothing has been updated.

Law & Order: Justice is Served is one of the best TV-adapted games available and shouldn't be overlooked. Sometimes there is more to life than giant alien robots and cartoon plumbers.

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System: PC
Dev: Legacy Interactive
Pub: Vivendi Universal
Release: Oct 2004
Players: 1
Review by Stew XX