For awhile there all we were seeing on the PC was Diablo clones. That eventually gave way to the glut of FPS clones we are still trying to swallow. But don't fret Diablo fans, because we've got some good news for you. Yup, a Diablo clone being released in FPS season! Isn't that against the videogame law or something?

Restricted Area promises a heavier emphasis on action, over the dungeon exploring of Diablo and it's brethren, while remaining true to its RPG roots. Players will be fast forwarded to the year 2083 (2084 was already taken) where not only is the world a biohazard complete with mutant inhabited wastelands, but Aussie sugar pop slow dance crooners, Air Supply are enjoying another resurgence in popularity. I'll take the mutants, thank you very much. At least they won't lull me into a coma. They might beat me into one, but I'll take that anyday.

Players will be able to team up and tackle the world of Restricted Area together via the robust multiplayer mode. But hey kids, don't forget about that robust story driven single player adventure. Players will be able to chose from four totally robust characters all with their own robust strengths and robust weaknesses. Robust robust robust robust robus- whoa. What the hell was that all about?

Look for Restricted Area in stores sometime in the robust month of March. For now, check out the screens and features.


  • Action-packed Cyber-Punk RPG which brings you into a dark and fascinating world comparable to Matrix and Bladerunner
  • Four totally different characters with unique skills, each with a detailed back-story, progress independently through the same narrative; the story is revealed from various angles
  • Complex role-playing system: Each character has access to Misc skills and to unique skills related to its characterization: 75 skills with 10 levels (750 skill levels in total). Uncountable number of weapons, Cyberware and Bioware to boost your abilities
  • Dynamic dialogues adapted to the situation and the player's actions
  • Unlimited computer generated subquests and levels
  • Cooperative Multiplayer mode
  • Takes advantage of IRIS, the fastest and most powerful engine ever written for an isometric game, which took over two years to create and which has been created especially for Restricted Area. Innumerable visual effects, for example dynamical lights and shadows, rain, fog, smoke, dust, fire, water, explosions and reflections
  • Advanced combat system for fast-paced action with shooter elements.
  • Environment effects combat. Imagine light, shadow, distance, height level, weather and movement of the target affect the chance to hit
  • Advanced AI with group tactics that reacts on your "visible strength" - the perceived strength and condition of your character, like the weapon in his hand


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System: PC
Dev: Master Creating
Pub: Whiptail
Release: Mar 2005
Players: 1 - 4
Preview by Vaughn