The Night of the Rabbit Review
The Night of the Rabbit Box Art
System: PC
Dev: Daedalic Entertainment
Pub: Daedalic Entertainment
Release: May 28, 2013
Players: 1
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p
What’s Up, Doc?
by Jake Valentine

The adventure genre has seen a resurgence in the mainstream gaming world thanks to 2012’s The Walking Dead and 2013’s The Cave. Yet, while those games can certainly be classified as adventure games, they tend to stray away from the classic point-and-click formula. The Night of the Rabbit, on the other hand, is a tried-and-true adventure, complete with a wondrous world, puzzle solving, and, well, adventure.

The Night of the Rabbit Screenshot

The game immediately draws you in with its clean and slick art style. The hand-drawn imagery is vibrant, yet doesn’t overpower the player. Environments are inviting to look at, which is more important than you might realize. It’s an adventure game, after all; you’re going to spend a lot of time looking for clues and clickable items. The game’s presentation also has an indistinguishable British charm as well, and that’s not just because of the British voice actors. Both the writing and the humor have a distinct British feel to them, leading me to believe that I could easily be watching a fairy tale on BBC instead of just playing a game.


You play as Jeremiah Hazlenut, a boy with only two days left of his summer vacation. Young Jerry has large aspirations of being a magician, despite what we only assume is the mocking and teasing of his classmates. At the start of the game, he receives a magical letter and before long meets the Marquis de Hoto, a red-eyed rabbit who whisks Jerry away to a parallel world. Don’t worry; Jerry will still be home in time for dinner.

The Night of the Rabbit Screenshot

True adventure-game fans will feel right at home with The Night of the Rabbit. Talking to each area’s characters, searching high and low for clues, and using adventure-game logic is vital to success in solving the puzzles thrown at you. That’s not to say the game’s puzzles are completely impossible. Far from it, in fact. Your solutions will always be clear-cut. The methods of obtaining your results, however, will still require a fair share of brainpower.

The Night of the Rabbit Screenshot

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