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Freddie's Shackles legendary item ("Fog Island" DLC)

Talk to Bones to get to Fog Island. The Freddie's Shackles legendary item can be found at a small village. It gives a +10% Glory bonus.

Easy "Perfectionist" achievement

A quest is registered every time the message "Quest success" appears, including when you repeatedly reload the saved game file to farm the same quest. A good quest to farm occurs early in the game, when you first leave Crab Coast after joining with Bones. Visiting each island for the first time counts as a successful quest. Visiting each island in succession counts as six completed quests. You can complete 300 quests by doing this, but it requires some time since it involves 50 saved game reloads and the time to complete each trip to the six ports. Another good location to easily increase the completed quest total is in Calador, at the Citadel of the Demon Hunters. Save the game before entering the Citadel for the first time. Then, enter it and it will be counted as a completed quest. Go to the small shop to the left inside the large entrance hall, and talk Connor until all responses are exhausted to get and complete four quests in quick succession. Reload the saved game, and repeat the process until you reach 300 completed quests to get the "Perfectionist" achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Abattoir: Killed 2000 monsters.
    Adventurer: Found the first treasure in the game.
    Alkie: Won the Drinking mini game 10 times.
    Angel: Raised your soul rating until it is over 90.
    Animal Lover: Killed 20 innocent animals.
    Arbiter: Completed 'Water Source Conflict'.
    Artisan: Won the Knife-throwing mini game 10 times.
    Charmer: Completed 'Cold Nights'.
    Conjuror: Acquired 100 attribute points in Magic.
    Demon: Destroyed your soul rating until it was under 10.
    Demon Hunter: Completed 'The Ancient Covenant'.
    Desperado: Acquired 100 attribute points in Melee.
    Digger: Dug up 10 treasures.
    Eagle Eye: Acquired 100 attribute points in Ranged.
    Exorcist: Completed 'Zak's Temptation'.
    Finally: Completed 'Death Incarnate'.
    Globetrotter: Travelled by ship 20 times.
    Greenhorn: Killed 10 monsters.
    Hard as Nails: Acquired 100 attribute points in Toughness.
    Healer: Healed for the first time.
    High Flyer: Used the parrot 10 times.
    Hoarder: Acquired 100,000 gold.
    I Hate Spiders: Completed 'The Oracle's Soldiers'.
    Killer of Shadows: Killed 50 Shadow Creatures.
    Liberated Lands: Completed 'Menacing Shadows'.
    Liberator: Completed 'Minions' Weapon Store'.
    Light Bearer: Completed 'Green Flames'.
    Mage: Completed 'The Swearing-in Ceremony'.
    Manipulator: Acquired 100 attribute points in Influence.
    Master Thief: Picked 100 locks.
    Metaphysician: Acquired 100 attribute points in Spirit.
    Miser: Acquired 300,000 gold.
    Monkey Business: Used the monkey 20 times.
    Muscle Man: Won the Arm-wrestling mini game 10 times.
    On the High Seas: Completed 'Let's Get Out of Here'.
    Perfectionist: Completed 300 quests.
    Romantic: Completed 'The Blue Flower'.
    Scout: Completed 'The Missing Gnome'.
    Shrink: Completed 'Booze's Befuddled Mind'.
    Skinflint: Acquired 1000 gold.
    Slaughterer: Killed 500 monsters.
    Sly Fox: Acquired 100 attribute points in Cunning.
    Tamer: Completed 'Chaos in Harbour Town'.
    Technician: Completed 'The Reactor'.
    The Guardian: Completed 'A Follower of Magic'.
    The Magnificent Seven: Got at least 7 crew members on the ship.
    Treasure Hunter: Collected 10 legendary items.
    Trickster: Acquired 100 attribute points in Dexterity.
    Voodoo Pirate: Completed 'The Kiss of the Dead'.
    Vulture: Killed 10 Scavengers.
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