RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Wild!



Cheat Codes

Rename a guest to one of the following names to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Name
Increase money by $10,000 [Note 4]John D Rockefeller
Train all staff for $1,000 [Note 1]Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Infinite launch and chain lift speeds [Note 3]David Braben
All rides and coasters to never break down [Note 4]Frontier
All rides irresistible to peeps [Note 4]Jon Roach
All coasters irresistible to peepsSam Denney
All guests ride every coaster before leavingSam Denney
Unlock advanced fireworks editor [Note 4]Guido Fawkes
Get the buggy to ride through the park [Note 4]James Hunt
All peeps laugh [Note 4]Atari
Peep jumps for joy [Note 4]Chris Sawyer
Peeps dance [Note 4]Shifty
Removes height restrictions for building coasters [Note 4]John Wardley
Decrease track friction [Note 3]Andrew Thomas
Peep cam; see through eyes of guest [Note 4]Jonny Watts
Track friction is zero [Note 3]Andrew Gillett
Guests stand around looking down at the ground [Note 4]Mouse
"Flying Camera" routes editor [Note 4]D Lean
Everyone moves fast for 20 seconds, but game speed is
normal [Note 4]
All guests get sick [Note 4]Make Me Sick
Big explosionAtomic
Peeps take photos [Note 4]PhotoStory
New guests not allowed to enter, current guests may
leave if desired
Ghost Town
Display frame rateFPS
Lots of ducks appear [Note 4]A Hitchcock
Animals constantly breed [Note 6]Rabbit
High pitched soundsAlistair Lindsay
No guests can enter park [Note 2]Ghost Town
Display frame rate [Note 2]FPS
Build next to paths and allow fences next to paths [Note 5]M Brookes
Unknown [Note 5]David Walsh
Unknown [Note 5]Mornington Crescent
Unknown [Note 5]Rick Griffiths
Unknown [Note 5]Loner
Unknown [Note 5]Diving Boards
Unknown [Note 5]Showers
Unknown [Note 5]Sun loungers
Unknown [Note 5]Hgih Dives
Unknown [Note 5]Jacuzis

Note 1: This code requires update #2 or later.

Note 2: This code requires update #1 or later.

Note 3: This code requires the v1a beta patch or later.

Note 4: This code requires the v1.0 retail patch or later.

Note 5: This code requires the Soaked! expansion pack or later.

Note 6: This code requires the Wild! expansion pack or later.

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