Saturday Morning RPG


Easy "1.21 Gigawatts" achievement

Equip an energy-type weapon in an active slot and use it in combat. You must do exactly 121 damage to an enemy through the use of your multiplier. Try doing this in the arena against the giant hood soldiers. They have a constant defense value and do not buff. Adjust the ratio on various attacks until you can hit one accurately for 121 points of damage to get the "1.21 Gigawatts" achievement.

Easy "Ask Your Parents" achievement

Have at least $1,000 and access to the phone in Chapter 3. Make a call to 1-900-555-4663 for a cost of $4. Repeat the process until you are charged $1,000 for the calls to get the "Ask Your Parents" achievement.

Easy "Bully The Bully" achievement

In Chapter 3, in the VIB quest after you are told to get Sarah a date, talk to Blake. He can be found near the shop just north of the park. Note: You will have to beat him up as part of the "Bobby Jett" quest.

Easy "Fighting The Frizzies At Eleven" achievement

The Frizzies can be found during Episode 4, near the major in the park's right side. They appear only if your system's time is between 11:00 p.m. and midnight. They resemble three hairy eyes, but their fighting style is the same as the red sphere bot's from Episode 3.

Easy "I Got Your Number" achievement

Call Jenny at 1-900-867-5309 to get the "I Got Your Number" achievement. Note: This is a reference to the Tommy Tutone song, "867-5309/Jenny".

Easy "I Hate Mondays" achievement

During Episode 5 in the space port station, look to the left of where you speak to Private Johnson to find a sign that reads "PIZZA" on the wall. Approach that sign with five pizza slices set as your active items to enter to a hidden room with Adrian. Note: The vending machine on the opposite side of the space port sells pizza slices for $22 each. Swap out the pizza slices for more useful items before you approach him. Defeat him to get the second piece of the mystery technology. The first piece is obtained after defeating evil Marty during Episode 1.

Easy "The Only Way To Win" achievement

In Chapter 3, go to the bottom of the dam to find two characters outside a cave. They will ask that you enter the cave to destroy Super Computah. Begin a battle with Super Computah, but do not do anything. It will slowly start to lose health and you will earn an "SSS" rank win.

Easy "Wild Stallions" achievement

Use the Striped Gum item 30 times during combat to get the "Wild Stallions" achievement.

Easy "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" achievement

Collect the BB gun from the cave in Chapter 4. Equip it and continue using it. It will eventually backfire and you will get hurt.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    1.21 Gigawatts: Cause 121 damage with an energy weapon.
    16 Candles: Burn enemies 16 times in one battle.
    A Crummy Commercial: Use the decoder ring.
    A Friend Indeed: Hook Sarah up with Matt Conroy.
    A Real Hero: Complete 6 different episodes.
    Absolutely Nothing!: Scratch the cardboard box sticker.
    Albert: Eat 1,000 food items.
    All Valley Karate Champ: Crane kick Billy.
    Ask Your Parents: Spend $1,000 on 900 numbers.
    BADGES!?: Win a fight without scratching any stickers.
    Ben's Only Hope: Save Ben from the trash compactor.
    Better Off Dead: Die 100 times.
    Blast It, Will You?!: Defeat the Trash Monster.
    Break On Through: Defeat the Lizard King.
    Bully The Bully: Force Blake to go on a date with Sarah.
    Charged With Battery: Try all three charging methods.
    Chester Copperpot: Get 100 exploration bonuses.
    Commander: Defeat Wave 15 of Endless Battle.
    Cool But Crude: Flood Ben's porta-potty.
    Deflective: Deflect 50 projectiles.
    Does Machines: Destroy 100 Sphere Bots.
    Dreams Come True: Flush all the school pets down the toilet.
    Electric Shoes: Make Kev the robot band frontman.
    Electric Slide: Get a righteous rating on a weapon slider 10 times.
    Everybody Hates Chris: Hook Sarah up with Chris Rock.
    Extra! Extra!: Collect the newspapers for Derek.
    Feared By Evil: Complete 4 different episodes.
    Feeling Randy: Hook Sarah up with Randy Greenback.
    Fighting the Frizzies at Eleven: Win a battle against the Frizzies.
    Garbage Compactor 3263827: Compact Ben in the trash compactor.
    Goonies Never Die: Beat an entire episode without dying.
    Gordon: Get rich! (Have over $100,000)
    Hood Genocider: Defeat 1985 hood soldiers.
    Hot Dog: Send taco flying after knocking Skeleboar off of him.
    I Got Your Number: You called Jenny for a good time.
    I Hate Mondays: Defeat Adrian the cyberdaemon, lord of pizza.
    I'd Buy That For A Dollar: Buy 50 items from vending machines.
    It's a Trap!: Use the safety scissors to pull an enemy across a bomb.
    It's Sticky: Collect all 128 Scratch N' Sniff Stickers.
    Jump Street: Reach level 21.
    Jurk Murderer: Collect dinner for a friend.
    Lackey: Defeat Wave 10 of Endless Battle.
    Lead the Team: Stop the HOOD forces in Shadow Valley.
    Loved By Good: Complete 2 different episodes.
    Lundgren: Win 100 battles.
    Macchio: Win 10 battles.
    May's Report: Don't destroy the gruel in Episode 2.
    Mess With The Bull...: Decide to fight Bertha for Bobby Jett.
    Minion: Defeat Wave 5 of Endless Battle.
    Mirror, Mirror: Defeat Evil Marty.
    Music Pirate: Make Captain Crunch the robot band frontman.
    Never Had One Lesson!: Make Bearris the robot band frontman.
    No Guts No Glory: Help a student flush his toots.
    Norris: Win 5000 battles.
    Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way: Win an impossible battle.
    Number Five Is Alive: Reach level 5.
    Outatime: Scratch all five stickers before battle.
    Party Dude: Drain Ben's porta-potty.
    Perfect Stranger: Get a triple S ranking in battle.
    Punch-Out: Defeat an enemy with a critical punch.
    RcRoll'd: Find and open 100 RcMeal boxes.
    Reunited: Get Todd and Mary back together.
    Righteous Dude: Score 200 righteous defenses.
    Rise From Your Grave: Retry a fight and win.
    Rock Band: Make Chris the robot band frontrock.
    Stallone: Win 1000 battles.
    Stanley's Vendetta: Destroy the gruel in Episode 2.
    Sunglasses At Night: Wear your sunglasses at night.
    Supplies!: Get every one of the cereal box's surprises.
    Team Effort: Hook Sarah up with the Basketball Team.
    The Fonz: Get a battle rank of A or higher five different times.
    The Only Way To Win: Defeat Super Computah.
    These Go To Eleven: Reach level 11.
    Thunderdome: Win an arena battle.
    Ticket Purchaser: Buy Henry's ticket for Ash.
    Ticket Thief: Hire Charles Cheezer to "talk" to Henry.
    Total Protonic Reversal: Max out your multiplier.
    Twin Pines: Play an episode twice.
    Tyson: Defeat 10 enemies with a punch.
    Van Damme: Win 500 battles.
    Where The Real Money Is Made: Retrieve Charles Cheezer's merchandise.
    Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?: Kill 500 Lizard Men.
    Wild Stallions: Use equine based attacks 30 times.
    Wonderful Toys: Pick up or buy 500 objects.
    Working Overtime Fighting Crime: Complete 5 different episodes.
    You'll Get The Horns: Walk away from the Bertha fight.
    You'll Shoot Your Eye Out: Shoot your eye out with the BB Gun.
    You're The Best!: Reach level 50.
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