Second Chance Heroes


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A Bit Much?: Collect 100,000 XP.
    Abraham Lincoln Cheeseburger Hunter: Kill 25 Sentient Cheeseburgers.
    AI, Shmay-I: Kill 10 Robots.
    Anti Theft Device: Kill a Burglar.
    Armor Piercing: Kill 25 Fat Army Privates.
    AWOOOO!: Kill 10 Werewolves.
    Beware the Fangs: Kill 5 Vampires.
    BEWARE THE GENERAL: Kill The General.
    Big Boss Man: Kill every boss.
    Bindle of Joy: Complete all Hobo Colony levels.
    Blue Belts: Kill 150 Karate Klutz.
    Blue Good, Red Bad: Kill 150 Robots.
    Brainy: Play as every scientist.
    Bushes Clear: Kill 25 Commandos.
    Catch 'Em All!: Play a level as each character.
    Certified Badass: Kill 5,000 monsters.
    Check The Bushes: Kill 5 Commandos.
    Count to 250: Kill 250 Vampires.
    Cursed Vests: Kill 5 Fat Army Privates.
    Divide By Three: Kill Private Corpsepile.
    Drunk Tank: Kill Zombilly.
    Dumpster Diver: Kill The Turtle.
    Earn Your Whiskers: Kill 500 Werewolves.
    Embarassment of Riches: Collect 25,000 XP.
    Enlightened Peaceful Warrior: Kill 25,000 monsters.
    Exit The Dragon: Kill Beelsteambub.
    Fancy Beast: Kill a Crazy Cat Lady.
    Fire Drill!: Kill 5 Charlies.
    French Connection: Play as both Joan of Arc and Napoleon.
    Girl Power!: Play as every female character.
    Gold Digger: Open 50 chests.
    Heavyweight Champion: Kill Mad Mulligan.
    Hobo Conquerer: Kill 100 Zombie Hobo Warriors.
    I Know Kung-Fu: Kill a Giant Karate Klutz.
    Keep Your Head: Kill an Amazing Head.
    Love Connection: Play both Caesar and Cleopatra.
    Menace to Undead Society: Kill 1,000 monsters.
    Mind Rays Avoided: Kill 25 Zombie Alien Hybrids.
    Monster In The Depths: Kill The Mallrog.
    Mulligan's Not So Merry Men: Kill 5 Zombie Hobo Warriors.
    Newbie: Beat the first level.
    No Dancing!: Kill a Blood Top.
    Nosey Nelly: Open 100 chests.
    Not So Heroic: Play as each of the less reputable Heroes.
    POWER!: Collect 50,000 XP.
    Puke Dodgeball: Kill 25 Fast Food Fatties.
    Queen Slayer: Kill Mama Nibbles.
    Reclaim Trashcalibre... Again: Kill Johnny Hollowlegs.
    Rockin' the Flannel: Kill 100 Werewolves.
    Safe Cracker: Open 10 chests.
    Seriously?: Kill 5 Super Heroes.
    Sight Unzeen: Complete all Bunker levels.
    Spice of Life: Kill one of each specialty monster.
    Stake It: Kill 50 Vampires.
    Survived The Lists: Kill 25 Roach Knights.
    That Burger's Got Bite: Kill A Sentient Cheeseburger.
    That The Best You Can Do?: Collect 1,000 XP.
    The Doctor Is Out: Kill Dr. Neirzeit.
    The Princess Won't Approve: Kill The Walrus.
    The Shopping Maul: Complete all Mall levels.
    There's Aliens In This Game?: Kill 50 Nibbles.
    Tricking 'Em Out: Collect 10,000 XP.
    Up Close And Personal: Play as each melee character.
    Use Your Arms!: Kill 20 Karate Klutz.
    Victory is Mine!: Kill W.A.R.D..
    Watch Out For Colons: Kill 10 Body Parts.
    Welcome to the Gun Show: Collect 5,000 XP.
    WOO WOO WOO: Kill 5 Goats.
    Written by the Victors: Complete every level in the game.
    You're A Machine!: Kill 10,000 monsters.
    You're Getting the Hang of It!: Kill 50 monsters.
    You're Strong. We Get It!: Collect 200,000 XP.
    Zombie Hunter: Kill 500 monsters.
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