Secret Of The Silver Earring


Funny poker game

The first card to place is the Ace of Spades. The second card required is the Four of Diamonds. The third and final card is the Four of Clubs. This opens a secret door on the Joker/Clown.

Noah's Ark puzzle

The following is the solution to the safe in bedroom (Noah's Ark Puzzle). The order of the animals is as follows: Crab, Deer, Bear, any of the others in any order, then the Eagle is the last animal to enter.

Quiz 1 answers

    1. Yes - Colonel Patterson
    2. No - Mary
    3. No - Cigarette butt / Study of tobacco
    4. No - Satterthwaite
    5. No - Carl / Miss Lambert
    6. Yes - Corridor to kitchen, gunpowder mark / Ballistic science
    7. Yes - Miss Lambert / Guest list
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