Sega Rally Championship

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ

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All tracks

At the options screen, type "XXY".

Stratos car

At the main menu, type "XYZYX", then select a mode. Highlight the Celica on the car selection screen and press [Down] to select the AT transmission, and the Delta to select the MT transmission.

Easier handling car

At the car selection screen, hold X and press [Enter] to select any car.

Ultimate Ghost car

Select time attack mode. Then, hold X + Y and select "3 Laps".

Lake Side track

At the main menu, press X + Y, then select any game mode.

Mirror tracks

At the game select screen in arcade mode, hold Y and press [Enter].

Full screen

At the car, race, or mode selection screen, hold X and press A to remove the dashboard and display.

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